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Ana Gonzalez Ana Gonzalez 715 Points

What are some ways I can check for understanding of concepts during online classes?

Colby Ryan Colby Ryan 1085 Points

A great way to check for understanding is to go back through your textbook. A lot of people underestimate the power of the textbook. However, it's the best source. Another thing to do is quizlet. It's a great source to quiz yourself on questions and vocabulary words. One last thing to make sure you are understanding concepts is explaining everything (and I mean everything) to someone in your household who can ask you questions (Why? Where? When? Explain, etc.). Also, give yourself grace! You are human and can only retain so much at a time. 

Danyelle Myers Danyelle Myers 270 Points

Another great way to check for understanding is to build relationships with other students by introducing yourself and engaging in online discussion boards. Your peers can be a valuable resource when preparing for exams or asking for feedback on assignments. Don’t be afraid to turn to them to create a virtual study group.

Building relationships with your students is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your students are learning and understanding the material. In fact , when you start class I think that opening up with a discussion helps students know what they will learn throughout the day and it also helps them stay engage in the topic. Also giving them feedback will help for the teacher to plan instruction based on the students discussions. Now on virtual classes educators create forums of discussions to help students to stay engage in the material and topics that they learned throughout the week. It is a great way to keep students engage and help each other out by forming a discussion. 

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