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Introducing Science to Pre-k students

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Alexandra Rodriguez Alexandra Rodriguez 200 Points

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what are some fun and exciting ways that you can introduce science to pre-k students? Any suggestions on lessons or experiments that will catch their attention and keep the students engaged?

Shelby Owens Shelby Owens 200 Points

Hello Alexandra,


I currently work at an early childhood care center. We noticed that the children were interested in insects and bugs. They were always catching them on the playgroound and bringiing them to us asking if they could keep them. We explaind that bugs live outside and dont belong in the classroom. Thats when we started exploring differnt types of incest, where they live, what they look like, how/what they eat, etc. When we introduced the caterpillar we talked about it's life cycle and how it transforms into a butterfly. We read the very hungry caterpillar. Created a class poster with drawings of stages in the life cycle. The exciting part was that we got a butterfly garden for our room. everyday we watcheed them eat, grow, build a chrysalis, and hatch into butterflys affirming what we learneed about these incests. When theey were all hatched we let them go on the play grround as a class. It was so much fun and the students had fun learning about what they were interested in. 

Karolyn Valdez Karolyn Valdez 90 Points

Hello Alexandra, introducing science to children at an early age helps them understand the world around them.  Magnetic boxes can be a great activity to engage students. Fill a clear plastic container with metal objects (bobby pins, pipe cleaners, paper clips). Give the student a magnet to experiment with lifting the objects in the container without touching them. It's magical playing and learning with magnets! I hope this can help you. Good luck!

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