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Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 8763 Points

With the 50th anniversary only days away, what are some of your favorite astronaut books to read aloud in your class?

This year we have read old favorites  such as the Grandpa Takes Me to the Moon, The Astronaut Handbook, Living on a Space Shuttle, and My Journey to the Stars.  But we have also discovered several new ones:  I am Neil Armstrong, Mae Among the Stars, and Counting on Katherine.


Zachary Johnson Zachary Johnson 1075 Points

I am Neil Armstrong is my personal favorite to use in the classroom. The 'I am' series is one that I love to go back to whenever I'm teaching about an indivisual in history. The kids seem to really enjoy this book, and I love seeing them get into the story!

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

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