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David Boze David Boze 220 Points

I am going to have my 8th graders use different media to present their research on one of the several Apollo spacecrafts and their missions. Are there already made lessons for students to choose an Apollo mission and do a power point, newspaper report or poster presentation of the mission and astronauts, etc?

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

I am sad to say I do not know of any lessons out there like you describe but I can provide some resources that might be helpful.

NASA has the Apollo 11 30th Anniversary site and among other things, it has a very nice bibliography page listing resources about the program in general

The NASA History site also has a number of interesting resources, including some book chapters on how the missions affected society in general.

Another NASA site - Human Space Flight And for photos and videos try their photo gallery

I love your lesson idea, although it might be nice to find time to mention the Mercury and Gemini missions that went before Apollo and discovered valuable information as well. Are you considering asking students to find technology developed for the space missions that we use in our daily lives (and take totally for granted)? Any technology developed by NASA or from NASA funds is public domain for others to use to develop technology for use on Earth. Each year they publish what has been developed from their research to better the quality of life at the NASA Spinoffs site. The first publication was in 1976, well after the Apollo program, but there is actually a special Apollo Spinoffs site. There is even a Space Technology Hall of Fame where they recognize space technology that has become an integral part of our lives. (I know that is not part of your lesson but it was so cool I had to share!).

Good luck with your lesson - please share what you find out from others or develop for your classes - it sounds like a great project!

I too am interested in your Apollo Mission research This is more current missions but you might get some ideas from Year of the Solar System http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/yss/yssmissions.cfm

David Boze David Boze 220 Points

Thank you for the post! I'll let you know how this lesson evolves.

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