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Mohammed Barjees Mohammed Barjees 10 Points

i think moon landing is not true if its true why thay cant do now 

if the thing happen in 1969 to 1972 then vanish and its not happen again after 40 years and now they cant or others cant do it .its like myth 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Mohammed, there are good reasons why we haven't been back to the moon since 1972, and there are countless ways that we know that humans really did walk on the moon.  It order to know how best to answer you, and what details would be of interest to you, can you tell me... Are you a teacher?  What grade level and subject?

Micheal P Floyd Jr Micheal P Floyd Jr 75 Points

I am a Science Teacher, on both levels of the Higher Educational Sphere. I will make this short, the reason why we haven't return to the Moon is due in part... We are NOT ready. When we become ready, all will be made clear. The pivotal closet has been opened and society has exhibited its inability to accept productive change... We need to empty the closet now, and until that is accomplished - live with your beliefs. - Dr. M. P. Floyd Jr. -

Rachel Frey Rachel Frey 463 Points

I think it would be in your best interest to do more research on your own first before believing any conspiracy theories.  

Luke Smith Luke Smith 955 Points

This is a very interesting topic that I have heard a lot of debate over the last few years. I have to admit, for a while I was very skeptical on whether the moon landing was fake, or if it was real. Before you come to conclusions so fast that the moon landing was fake, the internet is full of reliable sources that contain a lot of evidence that the moon landing was indeed real. There is everything from actual pictures taken of the moon from here on earth showing the actual foot prints astronauts left, to having moon rock here on earth that has been collected and studied from the moons surface. Diving deeper into the topic there are also reasons as to why humans have not gone back to the moon in nearly 50 years. The main and most commoly identified reason is due to the cost of the whole trip, it is millions and millions of dollars just to send humans to the moon. If it was cheap, I beleive we would have had more people on the moon multiple more times since the apollo 17 mission. Politics also plays a huge part on why we have not gone to the moon, lack of money put into NASA is a huge factor as part of politics issue. There is so much evidence and research out there, I think it would be great to look at both the evidence that the moon landing was fake, and look at the evidence that the moon landing was real and compare.

Andrew Fraknoi Andrew Fraknoi 640 Points

For science teachers who encounter Moon Landing deniers or students with questions, here are some resources to deal with the issue:

Phil Plait’s response to “Moon Hoax”: 
Hoax Comments by astronomer Jim Scotti:
Moon Base Clavius Site (a group effort at debunking):   

National Geographic Slide Show of Apollo images explaining why they are NOT fake:

This comes from my more general resource guide for teachers on how to deal with astronomical pseudo-science:

Diane Ripollone Diane Ripollone 3170 Points

This is Awesome, thanks for all the resources.

Landon Buckridge Landon Buckridge 695 Points


I personally believe that we have successfully put real human boots on the moon. There are countless reasons that we have not been back to the moon and in my opinion the biggest reason that we have not been back, is the amount of money that it costs to go to the moon. Due to inflation the cost of materials and labor has risen tremendously. 1 billion dollars in 1969 is now worth over 7 billion in today’s money. I do wish that we go back but we need to be clear with intentions for going to the moon and take all precautionary measurement to protect Earth. There is a lot of emissions that are set off when a rocket leaves Earth. There are a lot of different sources, including NASA, that can help prove we went to the moon. For me personally the biggest reason that I fully believe that we have been to the moon is by looking through a high-power telescope, you can see the lunar module that was left on the moon from the last visit we made. This is a very interesting question and one that people will talk about for a while!

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