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James Scott James Scott 835 Points

I am currently enrolled in a Master's program for Elementary Education.  I am not a classroom teacher yet, but teach ELA and Math in RTI.  I think that we all strive to provide students with an 'Aha!' moment where what we are trying to teach students takes root.  I would like to recieve some feedback of some 'Aha!' moments students have had related to science lessons.  What was the lesson?  How was it presented?  How did you achieve that 'Aha!' moment for the student?

William Gammon William Gammon 455 Points

I am working on my BS in Elementary Ed and one thing that I am planning to use in my classroom is using real world  phenomena to introduce, teach, and engage my students. 

Head Limb Head 20 Points

I often use real-world phenomena as examples for students. 


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