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Karen Gutierrez Karen Gutierrez 150 Points

Hi there,  I am looking for activities that help children learn science in a fun way but at the same time interacting with each other. I would like to have students doing theyre best by doing hands on in a way their learning from that.

Thank you for your time.

Amanda Leal Amanda Leal 285 Points

Hi Karen, I agree with you in hands on activities. It is very important to engage students with fun activities especially because science supposed to be a fun subject. I believe using or including cooking activities will be fun and interested. For example, you can make lemonade and trail mixes to teach mixtures and solutions. This also helps with interaction because students will be able to work as a group. 

Amanda Leal Amanda Leal 285 Points

I would like to know what type of accomodations can we make for our students who have learning disabilities on building interaction skills? 

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