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Chris Taylor Chris Taylor 4460 Points

Hi everyone,

   We are planning on developing some Common Assessments for 1st-5th grade in Life, Earth and Physical Science.  I was wondering if anyone had some ideas where to start or places where some examples already exist?  Thanks so much


Jamison Bowlds Jamison Bowlds 1196 Points

I have learned that with science it is often benefical to do hands on assignments with activities, experiments or problem based learning. Understanding science can often take a lot of critical thinking, so it is often hard for students to discribe what they've learned only through paper tests without being hands on and seeing how science actucally works. 

Alicia Salazar Alicia Salazar 1174 Points

I agree with Jamison, science is most definitely more beneficial if there are hands-on assessments along with problem-based learning. I personally do not learn from just writing and taking a test. Incorporating assessments with more visual and kinesthetic learning allow students to see what they are working with and carry out physical activities. Rather than listening to lectures and having a test of the lecture. These kind of assessments are more beneficial.

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