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Candice Lekas Candice Lekas 300 Points

What is the best NGSS aligned textbook for Biology and Physical Science?

Diane Fluty Diane Fluty 20 Points

If you are looking for a book that is aligned to NGSS, the HMH Biology 2017 program has a complete correlation to the standards and includes some resources that provide additional activities for engineering and performance based learning. But if you are looking for a book that was written specifically to the new standards (NGSS) for Biology, you will want to look at the HMH Science Dimensions Biology book. The first real book that was developed AFTER the standards came out and not just a copyright update.

David Vernot David Vernot 3540 Points

I can't answer comprehensively, as there are so many types of "textbooks" and curricula out there. I was looking at publishers whose curricula are (or will be) Google Classroom connectable. I don't know if that is an issue for you. I found the following when visiting booths and NSTA LA last week: Houghton Mifflin has two biology books, I think with 2017 copyright. One is a traditional HS biology with tons of information and probably connections to the three dimensions. The other is a smaller text and inquiry based, with the lessons using a 5 E inquiry model. I'm guessing that it likewise would have NGSS connections. Pearson has a biology book in production which should be "classroom ready" for fall, 2018 with a 2019 copyright. It is an update to the Miller/Levine standard. And the claim is that it will align. I didn't not spend much time at other booths, since I was looking specifically for classroom integration. Be aware that there is "NGSS alignment" by inserting some performance expectations and NGSS links into a traditional text and then there is deeper alignment where the 3-D nature of NGSS (3-D curriculum, 3-D instruction, and 3-D assessment) is attempted. That is a tall order. Would love to hear what else you find or what you decide.

Amber Chiafulio Amber Chiafulio 10 Points

Hello! PA is now aligning, and I'm interested in the difference of text alignment. Can you point to one that uses the deeper alignment as you mentioned above? Thank you!

Steven Autieri Steven Autieri 844 Points

Pearson's Miller and Levine Biology is supposed to be aligned in the upcoming 2019 edition of the text.

Ling Xu Ling Xu 6458 Points

I like your question because I have the same question too

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