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Lauren Hammersley Lauren Hammersley 200 Points

Hi I am Lauren and am currently receiving my masters in childhood education. We have learned a lot about assessments and the best ways to assess student learnign and progress in science. However, in my field observing placement I have not really had a chance to see how the children are assessed in terms of their STEAM learning. There is a STEAM teacher who pushes into classrooms and I think it is awesome and all of the students love it. They compelte so many different projects throughout the year that have to do with their learning. A lot of grades are working towards science fair projects, and I have seen assessments throughout this process be checks of their plans and hypotheses. What I am curious to learn about is how do you assess their actual model of their project. I mean after all it is an experiment so it could fail, but what are the best ways to grade the students on these projects, since you don't want to grade them on if their proejct failed or not. I would love any feedback!! 

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