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Viviana Portilla Viviana Portilla 360 Points

Hello! My name is Viviana Portilla, and I wonder what activities we can implement in science to encourage parents to work together with their children at home, especially during the virtual classes. I would also appreciate your suggestions about some teaching strategies for elementary during your first year of instruction.


Hello Viviana, 

I would suggest anything students could do outside. Looking for different animals, plants, decomposers. Noticing weather changes. Observing different interactions that happen with forces and motion. Anything science-related can be experienced outside and sometimes even inside. Have students ask their parent's different questions and bring their responses back to school to share. Just have science be inviting and an open discussion for all. 

Olivia Garza Olivia Garza 610 Points

Hello Viviana, I'm still studing to become a teacher but I would suggest maybe taking the students outside to have a hands on full sense activities. You could even try to introduce the different types of learning methods and allow students to share what fits their needs and go from there. I hope you have an amazing first year of instruction.

Alison Esquivel Alison Esquivel 390 Points

Hi Viviana, 

I'm currently in the process of becoming a teacher myself. One teaching strategy you can use for elementary students is to incorporate fun activities where they get to move around and get their hands dirty. One way is by having students go outside, make observations, and document them. I remember in 4th grade, in our science class, we went outside to observe and document different kinds of leaves. The fun thing about it was that we got to trace them in our notebook and they looked so cool. Activities like these are what I think students would love to do. 

Good luck!

Shayla Ybarra Shayla Ybarra 300 Points

Hi Viviana, I would highly recommend going science experiments that require parent involvement.  Students can video record themselves and their parents doing such experiment and this will also work for virtual classes as well ( hope this helps).

Sydney Chiat Sydney Chiat 655 Points

Hi! I am also a new teacher (actually pre-student teaching and student teaching this year). I am also new to this website and am finding it helpful and confusing at the same time. Hope you are having a great year!

Mya Violet Mya Violet 660 Points

Something that may be helpful to get parents involved is to do a homework choice chart. There are plenty of different layouts and designs out there for these. You could even create your own if you are feeling adventurous. The one that your question brought to my mind is a STEM activity chart. It would be a whole month at a time on one chart. Each week may have 5 activities and the directions say pick three to complete with your student and return any evidence to class at the end of the month with the chart. This will help there to not be as much of a time constraint on parents and it can make the learning more fun for students because they have a choice. 

Gracie Whittaker Gracie Whittaker 410 Points

It is always a tricky spot when you have a hard time with parent involvement. I have found these comments very helpful though as an almost teacher! Thank you for asking this question! 

Melissa Maturo Melissa Maturo 700 Points

This is a great way to find new ideas to implement in the classroom. I too am a teacher candidate and I will be sure to use some of your ideas in my classroom. Thank you for asking your question, I know myself, and Im sure several others, found it very resourceful. 

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