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Adriana Torres Adriana Torres 625 Points

Hello everyone, I am currently majoring in Elementary Education and planning to become an Elementary teacher. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to engage kindergarteners during a science activity. I want to make sure they are fully engaged and having fun while learning. 

Andrea Myers Andrea Myers 3675 Points

Always use visuals and hands-on activities. Also, rhythmic activities, songs/music/rhyme, etc...ALWAYS!

Cristina Gamez Cristina Gamez 580 Points

Hello Adriana, engaging kindergarden students can be a challenge and for that reason, it is important to mantain exciting hands-on-activities. One activity that always works well and does not require much is the floating and sinking experiment. It teaches students about making a hypothesis based on the objects we put inside the container with water. Have the children that think that an object may sink to the right of the room, and the students that think the object will float to the opposite side of the room. This will keep them engaged and will learn that denser objets sink. Remember to always keep them busy! 

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 200 Points

Well, that depends on the kind of science-activity. Do try to include physical activity and games if possible. Kids are more interested when games, colors, and elements of excitement are incorporated. 

Andrea Myers Andrea Myers 3675 Points


Andrea Myers Andrea Myers 3675 Points


Sulma Cordova Moz Sulma Cordova Moz 400 Points

Hands-on activities are a must for the younger ones! It will keep them engaged throughout the entire lesson.

Adriana Solis Adriana Solis 780 Points

 I would also agree on this! Hands on activities especially for kindergarten students are crucial for them to stay on task and learn with you.

Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

Diving in and getting their hands dirty! A song if you can find a good one for the topic can help with recall! Having the real life experiences and activities is so much more engaging than anything else!

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