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Benefits of homework

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Marisol Martinez Marisol Martinez 540 Points

What are the benefits of assigning homework? Is it more effective to assign homework on an extra credit basis or penalize if not completed? 

Nicole Gonzalez Nicole Gonzalez 900 Points

Hello Marisol, in my opinion I do believe in homework when it is needed. My sister is currently a Math teacher, and she says that she must send the students home with homework every day because her school requires it. On the other hand, my niece says she hardly gets homework because her teacher said that she doesn't like to send homework, unless they do not finish their work during class time. Good Luck!

Julissa Zarate Julissa Zarate 740 Points

As a future teacher, I consider assigning homework to be a beneficial element to help facilitate a student’s learning. Important note: Homework doesn’t need to be extensive or hard; Homework can be fun and engaging! In early childhood, young learners will be benefit from homework in a multitude of extraordinary ways. For example, if we are learning about the appropriate clothing to wear during the winter season – then, I’ll assign them to complete the winter season in their season’s booklet. In this homework, students take a picture using the correct clothing – then, paste their photograph inside of the booklet and explain why they decided to wear the clothes in one complete sentence. I’ve decided to create a fun, engaging homework to get students active and motivate to learn the importance of wearing the correct clothing for a specific season, while still documenting their adventures in the booklet for me to assess. If a student and/or handful of students do not complete the homework assigned – I will not penalize the student(s), instead remind the class about the importance of completing their homework. In doing so, this will prevent shaming a student and/or group of students in front of their peers; but encourage them to complete fun, engaging activities that will help facilitate their learning of the content. It's important to assign homework that will motivate students to become curious learners and facilitate their love of learning outside of the classroom.   

it depends on the grade. when kids are in pre-k, homework should not be penalize becasue it is to get the students practicing. yet, most teachers penalize the students if they dont do it. once the student is in 2nd grade they have a better understanding of homework and the importance of it. studnets in higher grades get more beneifits from doing homework than smaller kids do such as better understanding of the ceoncepts, extra practice, and a way to find diffrent soulutions. 

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 8543 Points

Hi Marisol

At the PreK level, the benefit of homework is mostly training, and family training at that.  Regular at home activities with information going back and forth between home and school begins to get everyone in the habit of wotking together.  A lot depends on your specific grade level and school contexts (do your local schools do homework?), as well as the activities you actually send home.  A fill in the blank worksheet doesn't have as much value as a simple shared activity with family members for PreK students.  Thanks for reading!!

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

Hey, I think homework in early childhood is beneficial as a practice tool. I don't think it should be penalized. This way the parents can see what we are working on and assist their child at home. As teachers we can provide tools for boosting their learning and understanding of topics. This is why homework is very beneficial for younger kids, so they can grasp topics and practice.

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