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Jesse Bechnainou Jesse Bechnainou 975 Points

OMG! I love chemistry so much. (Do not respond. This is just a post made for the webinar)

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10180 Points

Even though you said not to respond, teachers who may not share this enthusiasm may be curious why you say chemistry is "awesome" (as a former chemistry major, I would agree). How can teachers share this kind of enthusiasm with students?

Lory Hernandez Lory Hernandez 1183 Points

Im on the contrary side when it comes to chemistry as a fun subject. Simply learning about the periodic table sounds too boring. I remember in high school my classmates and I had to memorize the elements on the periodic table. What was more devastating was understanding how to count atoms. That was horrible! They expected us to memorize the number for each element and how many neutrons, protons, and electrons each had. My brain simply could not take all this information. I felt that information was irrelevant because I was not going to use it in the real world. If you ask me about the periodic table, my response would be that I do not know. I wish there were other ways to implement chemistry in lessons that do not necessarily have to include students memorizing elements.

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11925 Points

Hello Lory- I wish that you had had a better experience in high school chemistry. For me, it was all about the labs - and seeing how (and why!) things react the way that they do with each other. I agree that just memorizing the periodic table isn't the greatest idea. Knowing that the Group IA metals have a single valence electron - which explains their extreme reactivity (sodium explodes in water!) is much more interesting.

Ruth Hutson Ruth Hutson 63540 Points

Hi Lory,

As a high school chemistry teacher, I am so sorry that you developed an aversion to chemistry. The periodic table is just a tool to better help us understand and predict how element behave. Think of it as chemistry's version of SparkNotes. There are a lot of other ways to include students other than memorizing elements. The Learning Center offers a myriad of ideas if one does a key word search. I have also used the American Chemical Society's lesson plans are introduction to new chemistry concepts and then proceeded with the AP chemistry curriculum from there. These lesson plans are originally intended for middle schoolers, but could easily be modified for both upper elementary or freshman/sophomores in high school. What I like about these lesson is they do have real-world applications.

Bradley Clark Bradley Clark 190 Points

I find that understanding how objects work is fascinating which is how I came to be a chemistry major in college. I am a problem solver and enjoy finding different ways to tackle a problem and I found I could do this in chemistry more so than my other science courses. 

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