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Anila Khan Anila Khan 1490 Points

Hello, I'm writing a 5E lesson plan under weather unit for 2nd grade. This particular lesson is about "identifying the importance of weather and seasonal information to make choices in clothing" (TEKS 8 (B)). I am planning for students to test fabrics with water to be used for rainy days. My engagement is reading to them a book about rainy day, in explore students will observe various fabrics, and in explain I will demonstrate the porosity of various fabrics, and talk about the results. Does anyone have any ideas about elaboration?

Michelle Fernandez Michelle Fernandez 465 Points

To elaborate I would allow the students to bring their own fabrics so that they can apply more in the activity. Bringing in their materials will allow them to interact mentally and cognitively. I would also have the students elaborate on their own fabrics and how they think it will work. 

Jessica Adair Jessica Adair 580 Points

This sounds like an engaging lesson! However, I would try to do the exploring first to get students interested in the lesson. I would read your book as the closing to your lesson. During the lesson, I think by comparing it to their different life experiences, students will understand the lesson objective. By having students explain their thinking and their thought-processes and why they would chose a particular fabric because of the students life-experiences will ensure students understand the lesson.

Michael Reed Michael Reed 2065 Points

This works well, because I am doing this now too!

Larosa Etienne larosa etienne 1220 Points

This is a perfect way to incorporate literacy with your core subject, Science. I find it very interactive with the use of fabric testing to make choices in clothing to use for rainy days. The only elaboration I could suggest is that you do an extend activity for the students (i.e. a quiz, crossword puzzle, worksheet). In doing this, you allow the students to take the knowledge they have receive in class to the home as a homework. This is a great way to keep the information refreshed! Great activity!!

Cayla DiSalvo Cayla DiSalvo 660 Points

First I would conduct your experiment to enage your students then I would read your story. After doing this I would have pictures depicting different weather along with pictures of clothing and ask the students to sort the clothing by the weather circumstances they fall under.

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Anila,  Here is a playlist of videos that may benefit you. Each of these videos is a demonstration that teaches a different idea about the weather. These videos are part of a YouTube channel I have been developing called FunScienceDemos which is designed for teachers, parents, and students. The demonstrations are NGSS aligned and cover a variety of topics that young learners should know before they enter high school. Please check it out and subscribe. Best, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

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