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Caitlyn Carroll Caitlyn Carroll 150 Points

What are some good ideas for hands-on science lessons that get children interested in the world around them?

Maranda Mangual Maranda Mangual 1040 Points

I think a great way for children to get invovled in the world around them is through nature. Just having them go outside and explore different science concepts is extremely helpful for them to learn a little about how the world works.

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Hi Caitlyn, I am a professor of science methods at Temple University and I have been creating a YouTube channel full of hundreds of free science demonstration videos for young learners. The demos are all common core aligned and vary from Physical Science to Earth/Space science to Technology. Each one can be easily recreated in the classroom and I think that these may help to give you some ideas for hands-on learning. Inquiry learning is extremely vital to student engagement so you are on the right track. Here is the link to FunScienceDemos Hope that this is helpful, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

Selena Garcia Selena 650 Points

The video channel above me was very helpful. It's a great way to think of science.

Daniela Rosselli Daniela Rosselli 575 Points

A good science lesson for children that is hands on is planting in a garden or in the classroom. Students can chart the growth throughout a few weeks. 

Stephanie Bravo Stephanie Bravo 1415 Points

Ii think something to get them interested in the world around them could be to have a moon journal. Every day they can draw a picture of what the moon looks like. Depending on the grade level you teach, I think this would be fun for them to make the connection of the phases of the moon.

Zeben Gorman Zeben Gorman 375 Points

What I feel (and mind you there is no research behind this) is that taking something incredibly mundane, like a leaf, or an apple, or dropping a ball and showing young students all of the amazing scientific principles that play into its existance can be really eye opening. 

Lauren Cardenas lauren cardenas 1815 Points

One great Science lesson is a Magnet Scavenger Hunt around the classroom! 

Naomi Baldridge Naomi Baldridge 1060 Points

One thing that you could incorporate when discussing weather is a cloud journal or flip book. One of the teachers at my school takes her students outside everyday to see what type of clouds are outside if any. They draw the picture and write down what type of cloud they think it is. 

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