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Kimiko Torres Kimiko Torres 565 Points

What have new teachers found to be effective when it comes to keeping records of formative assessments?  My mentor likes to use Google forms and whenever he has discussions, one-on-one conversations, or check-ins with students, he quickly types what they discussed, what his feedback was, and the day/time that specific conversation took place. He likes the ease of this method and that he can easily look back through his forms if a parent or another colleague wants to know more about what goes on in the classroom. I think this a convenient and easy way to keep a record of check-ins and informal assessments/observations. However, as a preservice teacher, I find it hard to keep track of every formative assessment fully, more so when students use whiteboards to answer questions or just raising there hands. I like the idea of using checklists with the students' names and checking off/making notes next to their names because I had another mentor teacher who enjoyed keeping track of her formative assessments this way. 

Are there any suggested platforms, applications, and/or methods to use?

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