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Amanda Zopfi Amanda Zopfi 1120 Points

I am a preservice teacher trying to make a block plan about the solar system. I have to make a lesson plan for one of the days of my plan. The day I am picking is the one that focuses on the Earth and its moon. The activity for the lesson is going to be a KWL chart. Does anyone how any ideas on the important points I should hit on for this lesson that could be taught in 30-45 minutes? 

Thank you!

Jamie Breen James Breen 943 Points

Maybe something invovling the scale of the solar system. Due to its size its hard to acurately demonstate. Can have the studnts figure out scale model equivalents so they can get a feel of things. I did something similar to this where I used a basketball as the Sun and found other objects that corresponded to the planets so students could get a feel for the sizes of things.

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