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Maggie Keller Maggie Keller 250 Points

Distance learning is something that has become dauting to me. I am currently in school to become an Elementary teacher and I have heard so many horror stories about what it is like to have to do distance learning especially with elementary-aged students. In completing field placements with in-person classrooms, I can't fathom taking their learning online. I have also talked with teachers who have had decent experiences with distance learning but it is something that I am terrified of as a beginning teacher. I have talked with teachers about their tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to distance learning but I still feel wildly unprepared. The era of Covid seems like it's coming to a close but the concept of distance learning could sprout up again at any time and I want to be more prepared for when or if it does. Any advice?

Giselle Martinez Giselle Martinez 390 Points

Hello Maggie, distance learning was something mostly everyone got to experience during 2020 with the whole Covid lockdown. I'm sure teachers were worried of how it will work and how to have their students participate in their teaching. It is completely different to teaching in-person. Some advice I'd give you is get well known with your resources, explore ways to have your lecture, activities, and homework ready for your future students. It is more of getting familiarized of ways to teach online, especially to find a way to make it fun for the students to have them engage.

Rogelio Arambula Rogelio Arambula 295 Points

Hello Maggie, distance learning is tough especially for children because they need hands on learning and if we continue with distance learning, the students will fall behind academically. A advice is to never give up and take it a day at a time. Distance learning can be tough but at the end its rewarding. 

Miriam Herrera Miriam Herrera 270 Points

Hello Maggie, certanily I do believe that although the covid era is coming to an end, the concept of distance learning appears to be here to stay. And just like you I do have some doubts and questions about the effectiviness of this in elementary students. I will be following your post to see comments from other prespectives since this is a topic that is truly of my interest. 

Alexander Elliott Alexander Elliott 335 Points

Hey Maggie! I’m going to be honest; I feel the same way you do about distance learning. Going through college now and being able to be in person with the kids is amazing. There is just something about being able to be with the kids that makes it so much more special. Personally, having to learn online is even hard for me. I’ve come to learn that I learn better when I am sitting in a classroom with a teacher in front of me teaching rather than being online. So, I know there are many young kids who feel the same way. Overall, the best advice I can give to others and to myself is to be flexible and okay with change. If we are opposed to change then anything in our future jobs will be difficult.

Savana Rosson Savana Rosson 650 Points

I am right there with you girl! I too am worried about something like this happening again. But one of my main concerns, is how to check for understanding while being virtual. I know that many have said in other forums that you could use reactions suhc as the thumbs up or thumbs down, but how will you truly be able to tell if they got the concept? A few students may not understand the concept, but don't want to be looked down upon from their fellow classmates. I honestly think the best way that we can prepare outselves, is to be flexible with what we are given. Most schools now a days push teachers to take advantage of technology, so you will already be incorporating that into your classroom, making another shutdown, easier to handle. 

Lindsey Allen Lindsey Allen 410 Points

I am right there with you guys! WIth new variants on the rise I am in constant fear that the world will have to lock down and be forced to go online again. Although I have only been on the learner side during pandemic teaching, I empathize with my professors so much when we were learning remotely. It is hard to get students attentions, even at a college level, but trying to teach online and have their full attention is nearly impossible! The thumbs down and thumbs up option is great. But it does remind me of the checks for understanding strategy used in the classroom where the student holds up 1-5 fingers in front of them, which has a lot of controversy in the teacher world. Another way to check for understanding over zoom is doing polls! Zoom makes it easy to create and send out a poll very quickly. Polls are efficient, only the teacher sees the answers and you can save the results.

Leah Bassett Leah Bassett 20 Points

From my experience can say that it's not that easy to engage all the students. It's possible, but you have to be creative and be able to keep everyone active. I think it can be possible if you use a lot of interactive tasks or have some group activities, etc. But you know, sometimes it's not possible to add some interactivity into lectures. It all depends on the subject. For example, I have an online writing course, and sometimes it can be so hard to focus. But our professor can give us writing tasks to complete in 30 minutes, so we have to be always focused, and it works. A few days ago, he randomly gave us the task of writing about the value of life, and it was so unexpected because I was distracted. Thanks to this site with free essays on that topic, I managed to write a paper in less than 20 minutes. And now, I always try to be focused and engaged in the discussion because I can miss something important or some tips. But I can't say it's the best example of engaging students because it's pretty stressful, I'd say.

Estrell Mamonese Estrell Mamonese 250 Points


Robyn Soronow Robyn Soronow 13905 Points

Distance learning is difficult, especially for elementary-aged students and new teachers. One of the major issues with distance learning is that there is inequal access to technology for it. For that reason, I think it is best to provide physical resources (rather than digital) as much as possible. It is also a good idea to support parents in teaching their children, such as giving instructions as neccessary. 

Alexandra Bianchi Alexandra Bianchi 200 Points

As a student I saw first hand how difficult distance Learning was for teachers. I worry when I become a teacher it's going to be a challenge for me. There are so many downfalls of distance-learning such as lack of face-to-face interaction and one significant challenge of distant learning is the absence of face-to-face because teachers are used to communicating with students in person and they often find it hard to teach without seeing their students body language and facial expressions. You have no idea if the student is paying attention on the other side of the screen. The resources are also difficulty because not everybody has access to Materials needed for distance learning which puts some students at a disadvantage. I also think student engagement is a downfall because when your place behind a screen you don't feel as though you need to work as much overall we've seen situations were distance-learning is necessity so hopefully if the time comes I will be well prepared. 

Claudia Bejarano Claudia Bejarano 270 Points

Hi Maggie, I believe that distance learning was convenient during COVID-19, but unfortunately, many students were not able to improve their cognitive skills due to their social skills or even doing hands-on activities. I would say to try to incorporate real-life situations into your lessons so that they will get intrigued to want to learn the lesson plan. 

Adriana Yanez Adriana Yanez 420 Points

Hello Maggie, I hear your concern. I am also a college student studying to become a teacher and this uncertainly of having to do distance learning is scary. One thing I would suggest is building strong relationships with parents in supporting their child's science learning. Science should be a very hands on subject and in order for small children to complete activities and experiements they will need the physical help of an adult. This is a tip I would consider implementing in my classroom if distance learning is something we will have to conquer as future teachers. 

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