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Describe the Pros and Cons to Distance Learning

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Adriana Nava Adriana Nava 730 Points

To answer my own question, the biggest pro to distance learning at the moment would be to limit the spread of COVID 19. Since children and students are all bunched up in a classroom, many students will/have been reciveing the virus. During times such as these, we need to keep to everyone as safe as possible, with that being a pro the con to distance leanring is determining how well the students are retaining the information. Since the children are at home, there are many distractions such as video games, televison, etc. which can hinder their learning. 

Juliza Hernandez Juliza Hernandez 275 Points

I agree with the two examples you shared for a pro and con on distance learning. I would like to add that a proin distance learning is that the children will be able to safely work at their own pace from home, but it can easily become because they might procastinate too much on important assignments. How doo you think they can prevent this from happening? 

Kathleen Trevino Kathleen Trevino 310 Points

A pro to distance learning for elementary students is that they learn to work independently, which helps them to better prepare for future grade levels that expect more self-guided completion of assignments. As for college students, maintaining a job is easier as they do not have to account for traveling time since connecting to online classes is quick and simple. A con to distance learning lies in the abscence of face to face interaction. Instruction through a screen limits the potency of new information. For example, students who learn through hands on activities will not be able to receive the same instruction they could expect within a class environment. It is an unfortunate occurrence that lessons seem to be mostly formatted without a student needing to do much except listen and watch through the screen. 

Denicia Arreola Denicia Arreola 410 Points

Hi, I agree with all points made and would like to add that a pro for virtual learning is the early acquisition of technological skills amongst school grade students. Students are now able to navigate through multiple platforms of learning due to the experience of the pandemic. A major con in online teaching is the learning gap that will reflect, students are trying to survive a pandemic while keeping their education afloat. 

Jesus Villarreal Jesus Villarreal 550 Points

Hello, I agree with you one of the pros for distance learning is having the students' safety in mind. I would say pro is students are actually learning with technology this experience will be very helpful once we return to the classrooms. I will say there are a few cons as well like you stated some students will get distracted on their phones since it is impossible for the teacher to know if the students are using them in class. To me the biggest con is the covid gap some students will have missed on valuable information that they will not be able to gain.

Jasmine Gonzalez Jasmine Gonzalez 560 Points

Hello, I agree with both points you made. We should continue online learning for the safety of the children but you are right how are we sure they are retaining the information. Another con is the student not being able to understand the assignment or homework and not having the teacher around to help them. From my personal experience, my dad stopped going to school in 6th grade and my mother only obtained her high school diploma. It was difficult for them to help me with my schoolwork, I relied on asking my teacher or my sister. Some students may be in a similar situation as mine.  A solution to this con is we can become accessible for those students who are having troubles. As a teacher one of our professional disposition is to accommodate to our students needs.

Paul McPherson Paul McPherson 70 Points

Yes, online teaching has been catastrophic for most countries this year... It can be a pretty effective way to teach, but for that, you need smaller groups, as it's harder to keep track of every student during Zoom calls. Meanwhile, 10-person groups can be managed without a problem by a trained teacher... but then, you need to train enough teachers to cover every single 10-kid group in the country, and this is waaaay to expensive for most governments.

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