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Courtney Cox Courtney Cox 210 Points

Hello, all! I am in an elementary education program, and soon I will be teaching science materials in my class. From your experiences, what has worked, and what has not? What are some things your students have loved, and what are some things that you learned that they didn't enjoy as much? As a teacher, what is your favorite science topic to teach? I am looking forward to hearing your answers! Thank you for your time!

Hi Courtney. As a transitional kindergarten teacher, one of my favorite science lessons was the All about me unit I taught at the beginning of the year. We discussed the parts of our body and the systems that work together to keep us healthy. When I first taught this lesson, I realized that the terminology was very academic. I did not stray from the academic terms like the cardiovascular system, which at first was difficult, but I kept utilizing them. Not all students picked up the terminology, but a few did. After discussing the parts of the body, some students were able to move away from stick figures and create human-like images. Some needed extra support so we thought outside of the box. Something that my students really liked was creating a person with various materials like yarn, popsicle sticks, buttons, etc. I hope this helps!

Andy Tran Andy Tran 440 Points

Hi Courtney! As a teacher's assistant who used to teach science to students grades, K-8, I love teaching about ecology and environmental science! 

In my experience, hands-on science activities have always engaged my students. For example, I used to have a plastic model of a city that students would 'pollute' with 'pollutants' (sprinkles representing litter for instance). Then we observed what happened after a storm (pouring water on the model) and students learned that rain washes pollutants into storm drains that lead into the oceans! 

Another activity my students have enjoyed in the past is creating a vermicompost bin and tracking what happens over the course of a month. Students learned how valuable worms and other decomposers can be for the environment!

Some things they did not enjoy as much were interactive vocabulary role-plays. For instance, I once had students act as a different components in the water cycle (sun, water, clouds, and etc.) However, your students may enjoy what my students did not, so you may still want to try and implement interactive vocabulary role-plays if you think it may be beneficial! 

I hope this helps you. 

Good luck! 

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