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Camillia Ledbetter Camillia Ledbetter 795 Points

Hello everyone!

I am a first-year teacher and with almost a full year under my belt, I am brainstorming inspiring ideas for the next school year. I teach Earth and space science to sixth graders in a rural/ coastal area. I have thought about a school compost, recycling projects, local partnerships, and community involvement. Has anyone had success in a sustainable project at their school?

Cora Gomoll cora gomoll 2210 Points

hello, I am a graduating senior studying Elementary Education. I have seen some great sustainable projects that schools can do to benefit the entire school as well as science concepts. One idea is to create a school butterfly garden. Each grade can be responsible for one section of the garden, you can use the compost as soil to save money. Students can grow larva in their classrooms and observe the butterfly cycle and then release them in the garden. They can then observe the butterflies in a natural habitat. 

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