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Kelli Gilbert Kelli Gilbert 885 Points

Any classroom management ideas for when you do a fun and interactive lesson and the kids start to get out of hand?

Kathy Nguyen Kathy Nguyen 1015 Points

I would say to just have an effective transition that the students are used to. You would be able to use this whenever you finish an activity.

Vanessa Cerrato Vanessa Cerrato 800 Points

In my classroom we use the sound of a bell. Once the bell is sounded off, it means that everyone needs to stop what they are doing, be quiet, and listen to the speaker.

Cara Cook Cara Cook 5795 Points

I owe everything I do with my energetic first grade students to a study of Whole Brain Teaching. I came across the first teacher by accident- that's all it took. This will get you started- The way this young teacher deals with her class is priceless. This is not my favorite video of hers but it got me started. The kids really respond to the whole brain teaching. There's another WBT video about transitions that is also terrific- the teacher says, "Oh class? " And the students respond, "Oh, Yes..." It has truly been delightful working with the little ones since I began this approach.

Caitlyn Baeza Caitlyn Baeza 920 Points

I LOVE WHOLE BRAIN!! Well the idea of it. I am a student teacher and the school that I am interning at is transitioning into Whole Brain. I have a lot to learn but am so excited to put this into place in my classroom. It makes lessons so to the point and easy for the kids to understand because they are essentially teaching themselves!

Zandra Russell Zandra Russell 980 Points

My students know the saying, so if i say 1,2,3 all eyes on my the students then chant 1,2,3, all eyes on you. This gets there attention and helps me refocus there attention.

Anna Suarez Anna Suarez 640 Points

Hi Zandra! I really like that saying! I agree with you! I use that saying with my students and it gets their attention right away!

Malorie Fenwick Malorie Fenwick 870 Points

I really like this saying. The classroom I am currently student teaching in we use the saying hands on top and the students say that means stop. They all say this but it doesn't do the best job of getting their attention on you. I will have to try this one out.

Farah Aziz Farah Aziz 1035 Points

Try to use a method that is consistent so that students respond accordingly. One of the methods I use is clapping my hands in a certain pattern and having the students clap back. By doing this, I do not have to raise my voice to be heard. Another thing you could try is making a chant so that students have to respond back to you.

Amy Lu Amy Lu 990 Points

I've used a method where I ask the students to bring their eyes to me, and have them practice it over and over so that they are used to the method. If they do not respond right away, have them start over again and be consistent.

Sherita Celestine Sherita Celestine 730 Points

I always like to use attention getters. When I say a certain phrase, the students know to respond to the phrase and that means that everything should be stopped and they need to be quiet so they can hear what I need to tell them.

Chandni Thakkar Chandni Thakkar 945 Points

Hello Sherita, I can relate to this post so much, because classroom management is something I truly struggle with. My group of kids are very tough and they are very wiggly. That being said, when it comes to lab time, they know not to play around. My expecatations are very clear, if they cross the line they will pay the time. For example, we use class dojo in our classroom so when it is labtime they know if I see horse play or anything then I will take away 5 dojo points they will have to sit in the observing seat for 5 minutes.

Ictzel Barron Ictzel Barron 975 Points

My teacher likes to use attention getters. One that she uses often is, "1, 2, 3, eyes on me" and the children say back, "1, 2, 3, eyes on you." It works all the time!

Kelly Thomas Kelly Thomas 890 Points

YES! That is a great attention getter. You may also want to try the saying "Give Me 5". When this is said the students should raise their hands in the displaying 5 fingers and their eyes should be on the teacher.

Karmen Jones Karmen Jones 835 Points

My 4th graders follow the CHAMPS classroom management expectations. The acronym stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success. It is located on our side chalkboard wall and I write out the expectations for the particular activity we are covering. I always review it before starting an activity and the students self-monitor themselves.

Anh-Thu Nguyen Anh-Thu Nguyen 735 Points


I watched some videos recently on classroom management that teachers have implemented into their classrooms and most of the videos displayed a lot of body movements and talking at the same time. Here are the videos. and I hope this videos help with your goals for effective classroom management with new lessons!

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