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Courtney Robinson Courtney Robinson 750 Points

What is a good way to introduce plants to kindergarten students?

Katarina Hernandez Katarina Hernandez 445 Points

You can take the students out and show them different plants or if its raining you can bring in plants and show them that. You can also have each child plants their own flower as well.

Rosa Partida Rosa Partida 845 Points

I would give them a plant to observe! Have them look at all parts of a plant then move on to explaining.

Madison Calleiro Madison Calleiro 345 Points

I find taking students outside, even if just to the hallway for a walk is a great way to engage them! Take the students into the hallway to see the plants in the school, and make their observations. Having them grow their own plant is also a great activity.

Maria Moncada Maria Moncada 195 Points

A great way to introduce plants to kindergarteners is taking them outdoors and explaining to them what they are looking at. By doing this, you give a name to what they have been looking at for some time now, making it more memorable. This is not only fun for the students, but easy for you (as long as it's a nice day out).

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