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Next Generation Science Standards


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Jeffrey Owen Jeffrey Owen 10 Points

I am looking for a list of academic vocabulary for Kindergarten and 1st grade that aligns with the NGSS? Can anyone help me?

Kathy Renfrew Kathleen Renfrew 37248 Points

Jeffrey, I think Adah is right on. the only way to do it is study the standards ad find what words are used. Then you will be able to create a much more aligned and useful work. Kathy

Brynna Malen Brynna Malen 290 Points Hope this helps.... then select the grade level on the right.

Nancy Stephenson Nancy Stephenson 2085 Points

We created this district-wide. We looked at the standards and at the current testing for our District. We agreed that K-12 we needed to have a common language. This was difficult because science and math have some tough language, but we agreed that it is easier for students to transition if we keep the vocabulary the same. We have posters of the most important vocabulary words at each level that are posted in our classrooms and we create word walls to highlight vocabulary. We have yet to agree on the best method to use vocabulary in our science notebooks.

Joanne Harkness joanne harkness 435 Points

Hi Jeffrey - I have been thinking about all the specific vocabulary for math and science, too. Last night in my college class, the Professor suggested we make our own for each unit. We could make it a project where the students help and perhaps include an image or picture. Since I am not in the classroom yet, I don't know how long this could take, but I thought including the students in making a Word Wall for units in math and science would be a great way to learn vocab. Joanne

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

I would definitely involve the students in creating a Word Wall. It won't look as uniform as if the teacher made the cards, but the students will have more ownership in the words and the process. Even my middle school students enjoyed illustrating the words, too.

Austin Arredondo Austin Arredondo 1540 Points

Adah is right, Jeffery! creating your own base off the school's criteria and curriculum will not only benefit the students, but yourself.

Julius Dease Julius Dease 830 Points

I just completed a PD focused on the NGSS. They pointed out something interesting when it came to vocabulary and terminology that I actually preferred to do. They said that focusing on the process of science, whatever aspect that may be, and applying vocabulary later, as needed, gives the students a better chance at learning that vocabulary because they'll already have something to attach the words to from the moment they hear and see them. Focus on the students' experience and add vocabulary as you see they are fit to understand.

Pamela Auburn Pamela Auburn 68625 Points

Julius , I often struggle with when and how to discuss vocabulary and think there are at least two very different situations. The situation that is most perplexing for me in to carefully and comprehensively identify words we use in science that sound like and sometimes exactly like words students already know but in the context where the meaning is complete different. For example derivative - deriving from, or an financial instrument or a rate of change. For such words it is necessary to stop immediately and explain the vocabulary. If one does not do this some very interesting confusion develops. The problem here as the teachers as experts are not always aware of slipping from common to technical meaning. The second case is vocabulary connected to new concepts that can be explained without the technical jargon. In this case I agree get the concept down and attache the jargon later.

Patricia Dunphy Patricia Dunphy 10 Points

You Have to hunt to find it but if you go to you will find vocabulary for the standards.

Mitzi Cole Mitzi Cole 275 Points

I agree what everyone is saying about creating your own. You want to make sure the vocabulary words are aligned with your district and state. I would not only look at your grade level but look at levels higher than yours. This will help you to locate words needed for your grade level but also higher grades. It will also help not to cause any misconceptions with words.

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