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Dominique Pena Dominique Pena 400 Points

What types of projects that could be made of the solar system? 

Elisabeth Williams Elisabeth Williams 340 Points

A super easy one I used was styrofoam balls. The students could different sizes based on the size of the planet and could even color them to try and replicate their color. The cool thing with this is the students can stick them on an object and move them around to create orbits.

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1395 Points

One possible way is after learning about the solar system take the students to the gym and create the solar system with students. Groups of students can be a planet and some students can be stars the teacher can be the sun. Then students can see how far away the planets are from each other, the sizes of the planets, and their placement in the solar system. 

All the best, 

   Lizzy Inselmann Wartburg class of 2023

Abigail McGrane Abigail McGrane 735 Points

I found a great blog where a teacher had students count out the number of toilet paper squares needed to equal the distance each planet is from the sun. It sounds like a great visual way to see the differences. It can also be adapted to be developmentally responsive to different grades. For older students you could have them figure out if one square of toilet paper equals 'x' amount of miles, then how many squares of toilet paper do we need for each planet? Younger students could be given the number of squares needed and then count them out. You could also use bar graphs later to document the project! 

Michaela Dehli Michaela Dehli 1245 Points

Hi Dominique!

My name is Michaela Dehli and I am a middle level eduation major with a focus on STEAM at Wartburg College in Iowa. The Solor System offers a lot of options for the creation of hands-on and interdisciplinary lessons. Creating a to scale model of the solor system is one way that you are able to connect multiple subjects and create a project that is hands on. 

Let me know if you try this with your students!

Michaela Dehli

The type of projects that can be made of the solar system can vary. For example, you can use fruits and vegetables to create a solar system and incorporate the food as planets. 

Jacquelyn Adcock Jacquelyn Adcock 780 Points

I really like, for the younger grades, having the students create a solar system hat.  You will have a discussion about the planets and the sun then to help them better understand and visualize the order of the planets from our Sun they will create the hat.  You can print out blank planet shapes or have the students draw the planets and the Sun.  Then have them color the planets the appropriate colors.  Then, they take a piece of black paper that will fit around their head and glue the Sun on then the planets in the correct order from the Sun.  You could have them label the planets with a white crayon.  You could have the planets closer to scale and have them match the distances closer.  This would be a fun activity that is still educational.

Janette Delong Janette Delong 20 Points

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Catherine Tremper Lee Trampleasure 260 Points

One year we made a great model on the ceiling which stretched over four classrooms:

Christine Graham Christine Graham 695 Points

When COVID made everyone asynchronous, our students made solar system models out of things they had at home.  Some were basic, some were very creative!!  

An easy model is the 'Pocket Solar System'.  You can use a piece of paper, sentence strip, paper tape or a bookmark.  Here is (one of the websites) that describes how to fold and label it.


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