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Connecting Remote and In-person learning through STEM

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Annie Place Annie Place 140 Points

Hi STEM Educators! My name is Annie Place, and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. My curiosity this semester is how can I connect the STEM experience in the classroom with my online learners. In our area, families are choosing if they want to be in-person or remote. I would love to hear more about what everyone else is doing to connect your online learners through STEM and have the same experiences and explorations when they are at home. What strategies have you tried? What websites and applications are most successful and engaging? Have you found ways to differentiate remotely?  

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 4975 Points

What grade level? 

My 1st grader is learning online. There is no interaction with in-person students. However, we have a cheap USB microscope and have been having great fun planning experiments and drafting Claim-Evidence-Reasoning for our investigations. He has enjoyed watching videos of investigations other students have done, too, even though he's not "following along" with their experiments. 

Annie Place Annie Place 140 Points

Dear Emily Faulconer, 

Thank you for your advice! I have 3rd graders right now, and that would be a super great idea to try. I will look into it. Thank you so much again! 

Annie Place


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