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Madison Utley Madison Utley 1240 Points

To start off, I think that this will be a new and fun experiement for the studens to do in class. I also really like how they are doing this in elementary school, because it is a helpful thingto know in life. I also like how the students were able to sketch their own on what the filtration system would look like. When students get this type of autonomy and freedom, I believe that they work better and more efficient. I enjoy this activity because the student's can work in a group together to meet their common goal. 

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 675 Points

I really enjoyed this because the teacher is presenting a real life problem to the students and they have to use their higher level thinking skills to design a water purifying system. This not only gives students the chance to explore and get them engaged, but they are also seeing that what they learn in school can and will be used in real life. I think that the chart of what you know, what you need to know, and how to find out is helpful to the students as well. This can show them to break down their thinking in the future. 

Dear Katie, I saw your post on Engineering Clean Water, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of this free lesson plan from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Make a Water Filter Best wishes, Rachel [email protected]

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