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Stefany Landaverde Stefany Landaverde 400 Points

The importance of classroom management is a topic that cannot go out of discussion for all teachers. The way that teachers set out their classroom is critical to the way their students will succeed in the classroom. From small pick ups to the way the classroom is decorated to the way the kids are seated or just the class's rules, these factors are very imporatant in the topic of classroom management. Planning ahead for these factors that are not only about your lesson but things that revolve around the students will determine the success of every classroom. 

Kaely Perez Kaely Perez 380 Points

Hello, Stefany! I agree that classroom management is crucial for teachers and those deciding to enter the education field. I have seen that teachers set up their classrooms for the student's comfort or make it a safe space. It's important that the students can rely on their classroom as a safe space and not a negative environment. I do think that class rules can implement students to follow directions and understand that directions are important in any case. Anything that occurs in the classroom setting should benefit the teacher and the students at the same time.

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