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Since online learning has become our new reality, what are some ways to keep our bodies healthy while working long hours infront of a computer. (Ex. How to prevent headaches from looking at the screen for too long)

Roger Juarez Roger Juarez 590 Points

Hey Jacqueline!

I think that in order for us as students to keep our bodies healthy through these tough times is by not being at the computer all day. It is important to realize that it is okay for you to take a break and relax every now an then, and even though school is important; students should allow themselves time away from the screen and should do something to be active and make sure they are eating correctly and healthy.


Danielle Sullivan Danielle Sullivan 1390 Points

Hey Jacqueline! Sitting in front of the computer screen all day can be physically and mentally exhausting. I understand how you feel and would love to share ways that I have kept my body healthy during these tough times. I, too, was getting a lot of headaches from spending long periods of time looking at my computer screen. To fix this problem, I purchased a pair of blue light glasses from Amazon. These glasses have helped my headaches go away, especially when I am working on the computer. To get up and out of my desk chair, I started to do full body stretches, go on walks, and ride my bike at the park. It is important to put your health first and to make sure your body is getting the attention it needs to keep going every day. I will attach a YouTube link for the stretches that I like to do below! I hope this was helpful for you.


Danielle sullivan

Link for stretches: https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=g_tea8znk5a

Monica Alonzo Monica Alonzo 590 Points

Hi Jacqueline! Your question caught my attention because as a college student I constantly get headaches from being on the computer frequently. I found that the best way to prevent this is by using textbooks as opposed to e-books and by using paper and pencil more often to take my notes so that the amount of time I spend in front of a screen is reduced.  I also try to move around often from my desk to my couch, to the bed, to a beanbag chair, and even outside.

Ambriel Jacobs Ambriel Jacobs 1530 Points

Hi Jacqueline, 

Thank you for asking such a great question! As a senior at Wartburg College still taking online classes due to COVID, I spend many of my days staring at a screen. As a result, I have had to come up with multiple different ways to try to keep my body healthy. First, I have found that I feel the best if I take a break every thirty minutes to stand up and move. It is amazing what a couple of steps and some arm circles can do. Second, I have also found that making a schedule and giving myself certain times off during the day can help my headaches immensely. It is nearly impossible to stare at the computer screen all day and continue to be productive. Finally, while they do not work for everyone, I found that blue light glasses make a big difference. My headaches have practically cut in half! Online learning does not have to be miserable. 

With this in mind; however, keeping your body healthy is not always easy. While I have found these strategies to be helpful, I still struggle to step away from the screen every 30 minutes when I am intently working on an assignment. I am always nervous that my thoughts will leave my head. Are there specific ways to step away from an assignment and return without forgetting everything you were working on? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

All the best,

Ambriel Jacobs 

Dana Manradgh Dana Manradgh 1030 Points

Hi Jacqueline, you ask an interesting question because I have found changes in my own vision staring at a laptop all day. I think it is vital to make sure you take breaks throughout the day. Sitting in front of a screen is definitely not the healthiest thing. We need to eat right, maybe take a 15-minute walk, and find ways to relax our minds whether it is listening to some music or doing some yoga. I think it becomes easy to get lost in our work at times, but we need to put our bodies into consideration as well or we won't be able to do our job to the best of our ability. 

Lizbeth Morales Lizbeth Morales 860 Points

Hello Jaqueline ! This is a really good question ! I too would get headaces more often by being on the computer all day. I had to do online classes due to covid but my job involved me being on the computer as well so you can imagine the fustration. One thing that helped me was making a routine. I had my routine which would involven going back and fourth between school, exercising and homework. I also would drink more water and make some time for myself to be able to relax and breathe because our health comes first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Walter Augustine Walter Augustine 1118 Points

Remember to take a break from the screen. Every so often, get up and walk around. If you decide to have snacks while working, practice keeping healthy food and drinks around you.

Stephanie Ortega Stephanie Ortega 380 Points

It can be very tiring to work long hours in front of a computer and can also cause health issues. By integrating movement/stretch, giving your eyes a few breaks, eating healthy snacks, and drinking water, you can remain healthy while working long hours in front of a screen.

Ayleen Rodriguez Ayleen Rodriguez 100 Points

Hey Jacqueline! As an online college student I understand your concern when it comes to keeping your body healthy after long hours on the computer. What I do is set myself certain days and certain times out of those days to work on assignments so I don't let myself procrastinate giving my mind the time it needs to rest from staring at a computer for hours. I also move around from place to place around my house or outside so my body does't exahust itslf from sitting in one spot for a long period of time. 

Quentin Garcia Quentin Garcia 520 Points

Hi Jacqueline, 

I think the best way to stay healthy during COVID-19 is to remember to be active, even when we're in the middle of an important task. Like others before have said, it's important to have a clear list of tasks for the day and a schedule as this can facilitate a routine. Taking a break every 30 minutes can help with the headaches and also just clearing our minds. I like to go outside with my dogs every so often as it helps me take a break and get a breath of fresh air, especially after being inside for so long. Getting blue light glasses has also been helpful as it helps to reduce how tired my eyes feel after looking at a screen all day. 


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