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Does computer science belong in all science teachers classrooms?

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Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 5850 Points

What do you think?

Its computer science education week coming up (Dec 7-13) and many celebrate this using hour code activities in their classrooms. I have put together a collection of resources for using computer science in our science classrooms.

Many resources are very straight forward and require VERY little in the way of resources, and can be used in remote learning situations. 

I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 200 Points

As a matter of fact, it has to. Computers and the internet is the future for learning and is an integral part of the lifestyle. If one had not realized it before, the pandemic has clearly proved it. And, thanks a lot for sharing the resource. 

Ryan Dalton Ryan Dalton 310 Points

Hello! my name is Ryan Dalton and I'm a preservice biology teacher at Wartburg College. I personally do think that computer science belongs in STEM classrooms. I think with advances in our modern economy, getting students as much exposure to it as possible will help set them up for the rapidly changing future and workforce.

Sehar Sohail Sehar 880 Points

I think computer science should be integrated in all classrooms. This field is especially important for the following communities: BAME, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+.

Brittany Fitzgerald Brittany Fitzgerald 505 Points

Yes! Computer science should be integrated into all classrooms. We are in 2020 so almost everything around us is involving technology. We are do our students a disservice if we are not integrating computer science in our classrooms.

Daniel Fulkerson Daniel Fulkerson 1110 Points

I believe it should! Computer Technology is the way forward for the world. 

Carolina Lara Carolina Lara 400 Points

Yes, Computer Science is an excellent way for scholars to use different computer programs and algorithms. 

Which programs do you think would be appropriate for students in grades K- 5th grade?




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