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Richard Clapso Richard Clapso 410 Points

Every teacher has their own preference when teaching science. They all have their opinions of what they believe the best method is, as well as their ideas of the best experiments. What would you say is your favorite subject to teach in science and why?

Tristana Guyote Tristana Guyote 850 Points

Animal adaptations is probably my favorite science topic to teach because I love animals and the students are often very interested in this topic as well.

Susan Caceres Susan Caceres 1660 Points

My favorite kind of science is anything that i can create. I love putting my ideas out there. I think its important for students to express their ideas too. I also like learning about life and earth. I definitely don't like chem for physics i find those subjects to be very difficult.

Mecarra Easley Mecarra Easley 765 Points

My favorite subject to teach in science is Interdependence. Interdependence is one of those topics that applies to every organism. I love to see how students react when they realize how much organisms depend on one another. Here I can teach students not only about Interdependence, but I can explain the importance of appreciating the things that we do not think about, such as, plants and bugs. These items help other organisms that we need to survive.

Stacie Moore Stacie Moore 1260 Points

I enjoy teaching life cycles. What I really enjoy is growing mealworms, waxworms, milkweed bugs, and butterflies. The kids get to experience the stages of life first hand. They really get into observations and recording. Also, to my surprise they aren't afraid to pick the little bugs and really examine them! Keep in mind, I teach first grade!.

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

Hi Stacie- It's always great to see that the natural curiosity of children wins out over phobias - or possibly these fears haven't gelled yet at the young age of your students. My wife was the teacher for a cooperative preschool some years back and always had several Madagascar hissing cockroaches in her classroom for students to handle. They even raced them down hot wheel tracks….and no fear.

Randi Garber Randi Garber 325 Points

Although I have not actually taught a science lesson yet, I can remember being in middle school and high school and always looking forward to any biology related topics. I thought it was so cool to learn about the way the human body works and what it is made up of. It really is amazing! I liked it best when teachers incorporated some type of activity or lab so that we could understand the more complicated concepts.

Amy Damiani Amy Damiani 1640 Points

To what Cris said....first-hand, hands-on! I am a Kindergarten student teacher and have worked with students loving the fact they are engaged and part of the experiement. Life cycles are amazing and I feel they are an important aspect to teach first hand. To have a plant come from a seed that they students actually planted is 100 times better than any worksheet!

Mireya Alvarado Mireya Alvarado 1455 Points

I am not a teacher yet but I believe my favorite science subject that I will love to teach will be the life cycle. I have always loved to learn the life cycles of animals. I hope my future students will enjoy learning about different life cycles.

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