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Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Hi everyone.

I'm a K-5 bioscience lab teacher. As I get ready to start the school year, I want to have jobs related to science for the students at each table. For example: a materials collector, spokesperson, etc. There will be 5-6 students at each table. Any suggestions on job responsibilities and cool names for the jobs?



Gabriela Reyes Gabriela Reyes 490 Points

I liked reading your post and having job related duties for your classes. I would recommened calling it, 'Leading Helpers!'

Brian Marrero Brian Marrero 1260 Points

I'm with Gabriela, don't call them job, call them 'Lab Duties' and I like your idea. I will try to make them with my students. 

Lauren Apodaca Lauren Apodaca 345 Points

Recorder, presenter/speaker/spokesperson, manager/materials manager, leader/captain.

POGIL has some good team duties!

Lonisha Rogers Lonisha Rogers 1370 Points


I suggest that you have a timekeeper, data collector, materials, collector, leader, and facilitator. These are the jobs that I have in my classroom.


Madison Lockhart Madison Lockhart 135 Points

Hi Mary,

Providing each student with their own job at a lab table is a great idea! This can prevent confusion during lab activities and can help the class run more smoothly. I agree that a materials collector and a spokesperson would be great jobs. You may also try a timekeeper, a measurer, a notetaker, an encourager, or a reader depending on the activity your class will be doing. 


Bruse Dronse Bruse Dronse 40 Points

Interesting question

Bruse Dronse Bruse Dronse 40 Points

What about quizzes?

Bruse Dronse Bruse Dronse 40 Points

My students enjoy quizzes so much, that's funny and knowledgeable at the same time

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

I guess it depends also on how many students you want to have in each group. I like your idea of material collectors and spokesperson. Maybe data recorder?

Audrey Schirmer Audrey Schirmer 1615 Points

I like your idea of this. I would even like to incorporate something like this in my high school class but have the jobs rotate as much as possible. You could have someone who is the 'cleanup crew', someone who is the 'procedure reader' (can't think of the name for that). But I like the idea of having students designate responsibilities because even in high school, I tend to have students sitting there doing nothing while their other members are doing the work. Love this idea! 

Rohanmi Rohanmi Rohanmi 10 Points

I love this post.

Yoselin Alarcon Yoselin Alarcon 445 Points

I think that this a very effective way of having everyone in a group participate becuase that way they everyone in the group will know what they have to do. This also helps make sure that not only one students is doing all the work.

Lachele Brown Lachele Brown 1786 Points

If you have groups each member should have a role.  This makes every student feel important and no one in the group can complete that duty but the person it is assigned to. 

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