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Mackenzie Jordan Mackenzie Jordan 300 Points

Hello everyone I am an early childhood education major and also work at a local school with kindergarteners. As I continue to advance my degree I get nervous seeing the teacher trying to keep the little one attention in class. This brings up my question do you think sending out videos for the students to watch is better than having a scheduled zoom with them? I am just wondering about the thoughts of some more experienced teachers on this topic. Thank you for the feedback!

Megan Silva Megan Silva 560 Points

Hi Mackenzie! Although I am not a teacher yet, I have observed my little sister this year when she is doing school online. She is currently in Pre-K and her teacher has daily zoom meetings with the kids with some breaks in between. Even at that, my little sister still gets restless and starts getting antsy because the zoom meeting is practically all day from 8am-3pm approximately. However, on Friday's her teacher does not have zoom meetings with the kids, but instead posts videos on google classroom explaining the assignments for the day so the children can work at their own pace. From what I have seen, I feel as if she does better and is more focused when she is not on zoom the entire day but she still gets all of her work done. I hope this gave you some insight!

Isidoro Gonzalez Isidoro Gonzalez 500 Points

Hello Mackenzie , I find it very interesting as to what you have observed . I feel that since the attention span of child is very short , maybe videos to watch is much better for them because it allows them to work at their own pace and children tend to get agitated or bored fairly quickly . 

Hi Mackenzie, given the current situation I actually related to the question myself because I feel more engaged in the lesson with a real-time zoom meeting versus watching recorded lectures on my own. First of all, if I'm given the choice of watching the lecture I will probably procrastinate and won't fully comprehend the academic content. I feel like the same applies to small children and they probably benefit more from being more present in the classroom, even if it is virtually at the moment. Also, another factor that could make the meeting more engaging would be the teacher's attitude and personality and how much he or she encourages student participation to keep them on task.

Paola Reyes Paola Reyes 410 Points

Hi Mackenzie! I currently also work with kindergarteners and I think that having a scheduled zoom with them is the better option. I think that when it is done through zoom, the kids are able to interact with you by answering or asking questions. It's also easier to discuss things with them this way since they are still young and may need clarification at times. This would also allow the students to still participate during lessons with the teacher and also their peers which is very important for them at that young age.

MaKenzie F Morgan Morgan MaKenzie Morgan 470 Points

Hi Mackenzie!

I am also wanting to teach the young ones and am currently working with kindergarteners. In my opinion, I think the scheduled zoom time would be easier for the younger children. This way you can make sure they are listening and actually watching the videos you want them to instead of counting on their (probably) already busy parents to make them sit down and watch the videos. The videos would be hard for the youngings to keep them entertained. Holding a zoom or a live meeting would allow you as a teacher to sit down and talk to the children as a whole or even individually. If your classroom is a lot of students, you could even do two zoom meetings, teaching the same concepts and information in both, but have a smaller group to keep the attention of. I believe that would be easier than having to rely on the children and the parent or gaurdian to get the video (s) watched. They could also have take home packets that they could fill out instead of videos, or something along those lines. 

Emily Perez Emily Perez 535 Points

Hello Mackenzie, I am kinda in the middle of two walls with this question. I feel like since children have a small attention span they start to wonder off after a few minutes of being in a zoom meeting even if they have scheduled breaks. For this reason I believe that sending out videos is better than having zoom meetings. However, having zoom meetings allows the students to interact with the teacher and other students as well. Teachers are also able to guide the students through zoom meetings.

Amber Ybarra Amber Ybarra 380 Points

Hey there Mackenzie. Talking from experience with working as a paraprofessional I find that it really depends on the student. Sometimes students benefit more from having a live session because the teacher is there to answer any questions and further clarify what is being taught. However, having videos being uploaded allows students to learn at their own pace, and they are able to rewatch the video if they need to. So my advice would be to do both, just to ensure that all students are given the best chance and succeeding. 

Kayla Montalvo Kayla Montalvo 495 Points

Hey Mackenzie I as well am an early childhood education major and I would say having a scheduled zoom would be better. Having a scheduled zoom would allow for you and the students to interact with each other. Say you were going over the alpahbet you could ask the students go around and look for anything that starts with the letter A and it will keep them more engaged since they are able to go around there house and look for things to show the rest of the students in class.

Kennedy Hill Kennedy Hill 200 Points

Hi Mackenzie,

Although I am not teaching quite yet I have been in a few classrooms where virtual learning is occuring. With that being said, I think your observation that sending videos could be more beneficial. The reason I say this is because students who maybe need to see something more than once can with a video rather than zoom. Also little segement videos maybe less stressful and less intimidating than a zoom call with many distractions occuring. 


Annette Ortiz Annette Ortiz 265 Points

Hi Mackenzie!

I feel like having mix of both zoom calls and pre-recorded videos would be beneficial. Videos might entertain younger children a lot more and keep them focused, but they are not as personal as Zoom calls. Through Zoom calls you are able to interact with your students and physically see them improve and progress. Sending out a video here and there would be a good way to change up your lesson plans and give students a different tool to learn with. But I do belive that Zoom calls are imperative in order to stay in communication with your students and devleop a bond with them.

Brooke Smith Brooke Smith 1810 Points

Hello Mackenzie, 

I am a future teacher as well! Personally, I think that having shorter videos for students would be best for their attention. I do also think that maybe showing the videos over Zoom would be best as well because then you could discuss the videos with them during the meeting, and they would enjoy the break to watch something during the meeting as well. Additionally, if you assigned the videos for the students to watch on their own time, you might run the risk of the students not watching them. I hope this helps! 

Sydney Miller Sydney Miller 220 Points


I am also an early childhood major and am amazed every day at how well third graders use and rely on technology. There are sometimes they are better at assembling their chromebooks better than I can. I think sending out videos to students is better in some ways than having a scheduled zoom. Supplying students with videos that they can refer back to is helpful in a sense that they do have the abilty to relate back to it. A scheduled zoom requires students to grasp the concept right then and there rather than having a video they can refer back to. this is extremely helpful for students who may be sick or are not able to meet for whatever reason during the scheduled zoom.

Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

I am an education major as well but if I had to choose I would choose zoom. I feel like with zoom you are getting real time feedback vs having to wait for all the kids to watch the video. I also feel that you can answer any questions or confusion while on zoom isntead of being bombarded by a ton of parent emails. Overall do what you think is best but thats just my take, and god luck to you !

Victoria Cespedes Victoria Cespedes 340 Points

Hello Mackenzie! As an education major, I feel as if the children will be more engaged in real-time Zoom. Watching pre-recorded lectures might be difficult for a child since they have short attention span, and will probably lose focus throughout the video. It also might be difficult for the parents to force their child to sit and watch a video versus Zoom where the child knows you're there and might force them to behave in a more peaceful matter. 

Yvanna Hernandez Yvanna Hernandez 75 Points

Hi Mackenzie! I believe it's good to have a zoom meeting as well because that way you can interact with the students. I know young children tend to get off topic but it is a good way to communicate and help them if they have questions. Sometimes parents also help the children so you aren't alone.


Jessica Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez 610 Points

Hello Mackenzie, although I am not a teacher yet I have observed my sister who is a 2nd grade teacher and I find that zoom is a lot better for children. Although they have a short attention span watching the videos can be confusing especially if the teacher explains something quick. During zoom meeting if a student doesn't understand something you explain, they are able to automatically have their question answered. 

Kayla Rivera Kayla Rivera 790 Points

Hello Kayla! I believe that having a happy medium of both is a great idea. Having maybe zoom meetings every other day, and recorded video instuction on those inbetween days would be a great way to ensure that students dont get bored or overwhelmed with zoom class everyday.

Jessenia Gomez Jessenia Gomez 345 Points


As a student myself I believe live zoom calls are more beneficial than videos. I have had professors in the past who pre-record their lectures for us to watch later on and honestly, it is not the same. It is almost like you aren't getting full experience because if you have a question you won't be able to ask right then and there like you would in a live class. I also believe that the chances of a child watching the video, being engaged and paying attention are very unlikely. At least in a live zoom call the teacher will be able to redirect their students attention, answer questions, and change or make the lesson more interactive for the students. 

Brittany Bottles Brittany Bottles 320 Points

Hello Mackenzie! I am an elementary education student working toward my degree. Although I am not a teacher quite yet, I have experienced virtual teaching in my field experiences. I personally believe that meeting together via a video call is more effective than creating videos for the students. Although having videos can be beneficial there is less responsibility with a video. The students are less likely to watch the video or be engaged because videos do not require peer/teacher interaction. When you are meeting together you know students are getting the information becasue you can see if they are on the call or not. Also, they get some interaction with each other which is especially important at such a young age. I know they may get distracted sometimes but it is okay to let them get a little off task if it means they are getting age-appropriate collaboration. Also, I think it is important to understand that you may get a variety of options on this topic but in the end, you know your students best. You know your students and can determine what is most appropriate for them. Take all the feedback you get and use it appropriately with what you know is best. I hope this was helpful!

Felicity Carter Felicity Carter 505 Points

Hello! I think a video is better than zooms! The video would be great for students because if they miss something important they can go back and look at it. There are so many students who do not like to put their cameras on or talk on zoom, so find different ways for involvement. Maybe students have to post a reply with one question as an exit slip. This keeps the students accountable and you are able to see who earns all the points or who needs more of a push to complete class activities. Hope this helps!

Taylar Copen Taylar Copen 480 Points

Hi Mackenzie, I am an elementary education student myself. I have experienced virtual teaching in my field experiences. I personally think meeting together via Zoom is more interactive for the students compared to just creating videos for them to view. I say this because with the Zoom meeeting, you can hold discussions afterwards that will engage the students with the content they just viewed. You will be able to gauge what areas the students are excelling in or potentially struggling in. Sometimes, students will get off track being online but I do think it is more beneficial then just sending them videos to watch because it is harder to monitor if they have actually viewed them or not. Also, if students have any questions about the videos they can ask you because you are on the Zoom call with them. I hope this was helpful in some way!

Mallory Frangiosa Mallory Frangiosa 360 Points


I personally think it is a great idea to integrate a little bit of both zoom and videos. Have you heard of virtual field trips? You can find many, even on NSTA and it is a great way to engage students. It is usually all set up for you and they provide the video and resources you need. However, I think zoom is a great resource so that you can watch the students and engage with them as best as you can, even if you are not 'face to face' per say. Best of luck to you!

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

I feel like videos would be more beneficial because they can go back to it and watch. With Zoom kids can't sit still long enough but I highly suggest videos.

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