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Prioritizing Science in Elementary Education

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McKenzie Power McKenzie Power 855 Points

How does everyone make Science a priority in the Elementary Classroom when there is such a push for Reading and Math. I realize those are really important but so is hands on learning in Science and Social Studies.  Do you have any tips or ideas how you can creatively make time/fit this valuable topic in? The curriculum my district uses has it 'embedded' into the reading. I have a hard time engaging 2nd graders when they are given a passage to read and there is not time for any exploration or investigation. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Kathy Renfrew Kathy Renfrew 37148 Points

I would like to connect with you. I have just finished writing an integrated science, social studies and literacy unit that uses the book Water Princess. It is being 'published ' by the Teaching Channel. Soon they are and I will be sharing.



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