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Confidence when teaching science

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Stanethia Miller Stanethia Miller 1040 Points

Hello everyone! I am an elementary/ special education major in my last methods courses before student teaching. This is my first time teaching science and I am nervous! I'm putting finishing touches on my lessons and making sure my activities actually work and make sense. I've studied the content and I understand what I'm teaching (simple machines- levers, wheel and axle, and pulleys) but I'm afraid my lack of confidence will show up in when I'm teaching! Any tips or suggestions for "faking it until I make it"? Thanks in advance!

Amy Jorgensen Amy Jorgensen 425 Points

It seems like you have really studied the materials and concepts associated with your science lesson. When I teach science, I always make sure to think about what needs my students may have with materials/activities I have planned: Are my instructions explicit? Have I modeled my expectations of students? Are there specific rules/information the students need to remember about materials they are using? It is always helpful for me to think about what misconceptions students might have about the topic. That way, you can have an explanation prepared for your students if anything comes up. And it never hurts to spend 10-20 minutes practicing exactly what you're going to say before hand! You'll do great :)

Michelle Nguyen Michelle Nguyen 1255 Points

You're doing all the right things! This is my first semester student teaching as well as my first semester teaching science! What I learned after my first time teaching science is to be prepared with a lot of guiding questions. I struggled most with thinking on the spot and coming up with questions that guided my students to what I wanted them to learn rather than just telling them the answer. You are going to do great, good luck!!

Stanethia Miller Stanethia Miller 1040 Points

Thanks to both of you for the advice. My plan is to just keep reviewing the information so I can form as many questions and responses as I can. I sometimes doubt the process a lot because I don't feel confident but if I know my content, everything will fall in place! I'm hoping the students have plenty of questions. The more I can talk, the more my jitters go away!

Crystal Umali Crystal Umali 430 Points

Hello, I am finishing my last semester of student teaching. My advice is to just have fun and try your best to be natural. The first few times I taught I was so focused on hitting every single thing on my lesson plan … I felt so robotic. The students can also tell you are nervous. You have put together a wonderful lesson plan and spent a lot of time reviewing it (I'm sure). Don't over think it and just go with the flow. Good luck!

Erin Smith ERIN SMITH 265 Points

I think if you go in with the attitude of maybe it will go great, maybe it won't and if it doesn't that's okay because 1. kids are forgiving and 2. you will literally have hundreds and hundreds of other chances. I've found that confidence is key and you just gotta fake it to you make it(really know what you're doing).

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