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Cynthia Rasquinha Cynthia Rasquinha 1090 Points

Am interested in knowing how many people have found the sci-pack evaluation tricky. I have completed over 10 hours on a topic and am frustrated that the evaluation is tough and tricky. I am sure there is a way to solve it... any tips or ideas will be appreciated.

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 53031 Points

Dear Cynthia, Have you asked assistance from a SciPack Mentor? Within the SciPack, there is a button labeled "Ask a Mentor." Each SciPack has an expert mentor assigned to answer content questions. Don't give up! Take notes, ask a mentor, go through all the quizzes - prepare yourself well before taking the final assessment. The average individual takes about 10 hours to complete a SciPack. You can do it! Flavio.

Theresa Rabogliatti Theresa Rabogliatti 17520 Points

I have had the same problem. I have no idea how they count the points for the final assessment. If it has multiple answers and you miss one is it all wrong? I don't know. I had one that I wasn't successful on all 3 times and have no way of knowing exactly what I missed and why. I did complete one this morning on the 3rd attempt. I went back through all of the questions and the section evaluations before taking it the final time. My percentage jumped greatly. That is going to be my current strategy for now.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

D you know what happens when a person fails a third time? Does one have to start over?

Theresa Rabogliatti Theresa Rabogliatti 17520 Points

Adah I tried asking the mentor but it was after not passing the assessment the 3 times. They needed to know the specific area of the test. This doesn't help when you don't know specifically which questions you are missing, to find out why? I still can't figure out were I my thinking was incorrect on that test. I am thinking it my be in how they are scored- multiple choice with multiple answers- is it part wrong or all wrong?

Connie Garland connie garland 130 Points

Same here. My problem is when the site has problems after you've done all the work and can't take the final test when you need to. Have been trying since 2:00 yesterday and still can't get into my library, plus all the phone lines that 'could help me' were answered by a machine, and no call back even though really needed something done by today.... the online support could not figure out what was going on either because she could not access the library section either. Major frustration!!

Theresa Rabogliatti Theresa Rabogliatti 17520 Points

Connie Had that problem a few weeks ago. I sometimes work on them when I get up in the morning before school and I couldn't access my library (right after I was already in it froze). I had to email and it took about a day to get fixed.

Sue Garcia Sue Garcia 42675 Points

I ditto everything everyone has said. I'll add a little bit more...1) take notes, 2) go back through all of the pre-questions and if you get any of them that section again. Finally, after you take the final assessment (the first time) there is a way you can review in what areas you did not do well on. Go back to those areas and rework them before taking the test again. I have found that using these strategies has helped me with the SciPacks.

Rachel Legerski Rachel Legerski 5545 Points

I just completed my first Scipack and I also feel a little frustrated. I did pass but I really wanted to know what I specifically missed so that I could go back and make sure that I understand my mistakes. That would be especially helpful before I teach that topic. Any suggestions?

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

I was having a little trouble, also, but was quickly reminded to email the mentor. I have not tried it yet, but I will soon and post in which ways it was helpful.

Adriana Gutierrez Adriana Gutierrez 1555 Points

I think there are many of us who think the scipack is pretty confusing. I myself had a hard time and was frustrated with the final assessment I am not a fan of it and don't think I would use this in my future teachings.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Hello everyone-- I feel awful that the SciPacks are not as helpful for everyone as they have been for me. I've only had trouble when SWT (studying while tired)...or when trying to rush through the material. But, it sounds like there are some people who are really doing their work and still having issues. If I think of any strategies that are successful for me when I am struggling, I will post them. All the best, Naomi Beverly

Lindsey Truxel Lindsey Truxel 2060 Points

I had problems with the test as well. I have to say that I found some of the questions to be ambiguous and not aligned to the answers. Some of the questions were just plain silly. Once I figured that out then on the second try, I finally passed physical science. I think the wording in this scipack is misleading and can cause thinking errors. There is some double speak and once you get past knowing and understanding this, then apply this thought to the test you can pass it. It's all about strategies, right. The strategy with this one is be aware they are off target at times, and look for them and adjust. : )

Susan O'Brien Susan O'Brien 1870 Points

After reading these posts I will be careful to go slowly, not be tired and ask for help with a mentor when I start a scipack. Thank you everyone for the advice! You have raised my level of concern!

Jessica Minton Jessica Minton 6945 Points

I love the information that the SciPacks have to offer, but I have found several of the final assessments to be tricky. I agree with everyone's suggestions about going back over it and reviewing, but it is frustrating to review it and still not being able to pass given 3 chances. I have been very careful and fine-tooth combing all the information on the other SciPacks I've taken, though it's terrible not to be able to go back and be able to do the one I messed up on again. Good luck to everyone!

Samantha Coyle Samantha Coyle 2245 Points

I would love to take advantages of these online courses, but the thought of individuals more qualified then myself not passing is intimidating. I skimmed through but never really saw an answer to the question of what happens if you do not pass after the third attempt. If you fail all three, do you have to do everything all over or are you locked out (failed) forever?

Daniel Carroll Daniel Carroll 18610 Points

Sci Pak evaluations can be tricky. It depends on the SciPak. I have done lots of them and might be able to give you some hints. The multiple answer questions are the most difficult.

Susan Macsotai Susan Macsotai 1455 Points

Take some notes while you read. That seems to help. Also do all the labs and activities included they do make a difference. Hope that helps

Raquel Dugan-Dibble Raquel Dugan-Dibble 1120 Points

You are making me nervous reading this and this learning center site is overwhelming enough.  Wishing everyone luck who has taken this!

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 53031 Points

Dear Raquel,

No worries - as others mentioned, take your time (SciPacks allowed you to learn at your own pace).  Take notes and go over all the animations and simulations. Finally, if you have questions - click on 'Ask a Mentor.'  You can send unlimitted number of questions to the SciPack Mentor - he/she will respond to you via email.

Good luck!


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