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Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 6890 Points

Check to see if your library system offers museum passes; that can be a great suggestion for families to investigate local museums and the like

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 86993 Points

Hi Anne,

I did not know that was a possiblility.  I shall check it out at my local library.  Thank you.  In Illinois, some of our museums post their 'free days' for families, usually when there is no school, so that adults will take the children.  Also, in Chicago, if you are a public school teacher you can get into any of the state's museums for free.  

On another note, there are many activities written up in the Science & Children journal about how to do science at home.  In the January 2020 issue, Peggy Ashbrook talks about "Science at Home" in her Early Years monthly feature. I noticed from your profile that you teach PreK.  How do we get the word out that - there are great resources in the NSTA Learning Center for teachers to share with their families? Peggy shows how to extend hands-on science activities outside of school when the children are home. For the activity, "Take A Penny" - all this is needed is water, a cup, and a penny, and the easy to follow directions; it promises to be a lot of fun for families to do together.  

NSTA also provides additional free resources at: www.nsta.org/SC0120

or see below:

Additional resources for family science

Boston Children’s Museum: STEM Family Activities Kit

Family Science and Engineering

Global Family Research Project: Supporting Parents to Support Science

Peep and the Big Wide World Science Curriculum Parents, Anywhere Activities http://peepandthebigwideworld.com/en/parents/activities/

Parents, Parenting Videos.

Thanks for the great suggestion!



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