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Edwin Lopez Edwin Lopez 835 Points

If you ever watched a young child collect rocks or dig in the soil looking for worms you probably recognize that children have a natural tendency to enjoy experiences in nature. Young children actively engage with their environment to develop fundamental understandings of the phenomena they are observing and experiencing. They also build essential science process skills such as observing, classifying, and sorting These basic scientific concepts and science process skills begin to develop as early as infancy, with the sophistication of children’s competency developing with age.

Gabrielle Tyree Gabrielle Tyree 1555 Points

I can agree with you Mr. Lopez, especially coming from a parents perspective! My son is not even two yet and he LOVES playing in the dirt, touching the grass and just "exploring" nature! If we can provide authentic learning experiences to our students, engagement will come just as naturally as a flower blooms!

Amanda Guzman Amanda Guzman 1005 Points

I agree. I think science is the most engaging subject area for children. Since science deals with the world around, the children are naturally curious to explore it and learn about it.

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