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k-2 with no science curriculum

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Brittany Gohlke Brittany Gohlke 845 Points

Hello! First time user on the forums over here. I'm excited to interact in a new way amongst both my peers and others who are in the same/similar studies as myself. I tech first grade at an elementary school and have found myself confused on how to apply this coursework. I first grade, there is no science block, and I've discussed this in small amounts with my professor. I'm curious if anyone else is in the same predicament and also seeks to include science lessons or excerpts in their routine. Have any of you suceeded with this without approved and supported curriculum? My principal would support me using an incremented or alloted amount of time on experiments or phenomenon discussion, but how would/have you gone about this in your own school?

Shakeshia Banks Shakeshia Banks 1173 Points

Hey there! Welcome to the forums! It's awesome that you're excited to connect with other educators and share experiences. I totally understand your predicament with incorporating science lessons in first grade without a dedicated science block.

One approach you can take is to integrate science into other subjects and daily routines. For example, during reading time, you can choose books that have science-related themes or introduce scientific concepts. During math, you can incorporate measurement or graphing activities related to science topics.

You can also make use of hands-on activities and experiments during designated 'exploration' or 'discovery' time. This could be a set time each week where you engage the students in science experiments or discussions. Keep it simple and age-appropriate, focusing on observation, exploration, and asking questions.

Collaborating with other teachers in your grade level or even across grade levels can also be helpful. You can share resources, ideas, and even plan joint science activities or projects.

Remember, it's all about finding creative ways to infuse science into your daily routine. Your principal's support is great, so make sure to communicate your plans and seek their guidance on how to allocate time for experiments and discussions.

I hope this helps, and I'm sure other educators in the forums will have some great insights to share too! Good luck! 

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