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Advice on Balancing Work and School

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Lizeth Garza Lizeth Garza 495 Points

Hello everyone! My name is Lizeth Garza and I am currently a Junior in the Bilingual Education Program at the University of Rio Grande Valley. I currently have a full-time job while I'm going to school and taking 5 classes. This is the first semester I'm working full-time while going to school and I'm alredy stressed, I don't know how I am going to balance both. Do any of y'all have any tips or advice on how to balance both work and school? 

Felishia Rangel Felishia Rangel 500 Points

Hey Lizeth, 

I’m going to school full time and working part time although it feels like i’m working full time. I’ve been working every since I started college. I’m a junior now. I realized I feel really organized when I write down what I need to do for the week. When I wrote down dates I always put one day ahead of it’s due date just to be sure that I got it done. 

Iris Garcia Iris Garcia 290 Points

Hey Lizeth, 
I really feel organized and ready for the week after writing everything down. I am a visual person-- I NEED TO SEE THINGS. At the end of the week you could write down everything you expect for the following week. That way you know what you have to do every day. Even on days you do not have anything due, you should always do something to get yourself or keep yourself ahead. If it helps, you could also color coordinate your classes and work for that class. I use a notebook these days, but I used to have a planner that I would keep all my stuff in. 

Hope this helps.

Giselle Torres Giselle Torres 425 Points

Hello Lizeth, last semester I had to find a way to balance myself with my school, and my daughters school, on top of keeping up with my home duties (cooking, cleaning, etc.). What I found most helpful was getting a notebook and writing down EVERY work assignment I had that week. I would mark the days ahead of time for example if my assignment was due Nov. 30th, I would put Nov. 29. This just ensured me I got it done on time, and not procrastinate. As I finished an assignment I would highlight off what was done. This helped me know which assignments were missing, and needed to get done. I have that notebook for this semester as well and has been useful so far! 

-Giselle Torres 

Belinda Escobedo Belinda Escobedo 600 Points

Hello Lizeth,

Trying to balance life and school is very challeging. Like you I am currently Working a full time job Mon-Friday 8am-5pm, and also enrolled in 6 courses with 2 children. Time seems to be against me at times but I have found staying engaged with a group of friends who are currently enrolled in the same classes has helped me. Being reminded of constant due dates on calenders, and by the peers helps me stay afloat. Having a set calender of due dates is very helpful as well. I try to give myself an earlier date so I can try to find time to complete at least 1 or 2 days before. Managing time is never easy and also with young kids and a full schedule but it is possible. Take one day at a time Lizeth and make notes for upcoming assignments.

Kind regards,


Natasha Espino Natasha Espino 450 Points

Hello Lizeth, I understand that balancing school and work can be very dificult, I work every day from 11:00am - 7:00pm and then with the homework i have to do everything on the quicks, what I had to do was ask for a day off this semester. I had to do this since i felt that it was going to be a lot stress from both parts, but luckily that way i will feel better. I would say to write everything on an agenda, on the things you need to do, as well setting up alarms in your phone days before things are due that way it can remind you on time. Hope this helps a little, have a great semester. 

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