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Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 45816 Points

Teachers and families across the country are facing a new reality of providing opportunities for students to do science through distance and home learning. The Daily Do is one of the ways NSTA is supporting teachers and families with this endeavor.

Each weekday, NSTA will share a sensemaking task teachers and families can use to engage their students in authentic, relevant science learning. We encourage families to make time for family science learning (science is a social process!) and are dedicated to helping students and their families find balance between learning science and the day-to-day responsibilities they have to stay healthy and safe.

Each Daily Do has a collection of resources (most free) that you can use at home or in your classroom.

Use this discussion thread to share your impressions, questions, and ideas about NSTA's Daily Do and how you are using them with your family and students. 

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Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 4925 Points

These are great! I am finding myself both teaching remotely and homeschooling my children. I will use the Daily Do informally to supplement my son's learning since all that has been provided by his teacher are worksheets with no engagement with the real world around him. 

We have been taking daily walks with a different purpose each day. Today's purpose will be to spot living creatures on our walk and discuss how they choose their home (even though I'm late since this was last Thursday's Daily Do).  

I have just learned about the Daily Do's from the webinar series on distance learning presented by the NSTA.  I am excited to start implementing the Daily Do's but wonder how I access the e-books used in them, and how I make those e-books accessible to my students at home?  Thanks for your help!

Ellen Samuelsen


Erika Alcoser Erika Alcoser 30 Points

The Daily Do's are superb and helpful for any child wanting extra help for their science class. These Daily Do's allow students to access basic topics that are science-related topics. Some of the topics that interest me are "Why do some objects stick to the refrigerator?", "How Does Our Neighborhood Provide for Its Wildlife?", and "How can a helicopter fly on Mars?".

Claudia Gonzalez Claudia Gonzalez 130 Points

Hello Flavio Mendez, Daily Dos are important for students because they should be engaged in learning science, and it should be fun. How much are the Daily Do resources, are there different prices, even though some are free?


Janelle Lopez Janelle Lopez 155 Points

Daily Do's are such an easy way to get students engaged and interested in what they are going to learn! As a substitute teacher, I have seen how eager students are to complete their daily do's because they see this as an academic challenge for themselves! This is an easy way to motivate your children at home as well. It is important that we incorporate a quick run through based on what the student has learned such as incorporating daily do's at home.


Will families be able to share their students work from home such as upload photos or documents of their childrens daily do's and share with their educators?

Gloria Torres Gloria Torres 215 Points

As a mom and a future teacher, I found The Daily Dos a great resource to guide teachers and parents different ways of teaching children. These lesson plans make it easy for parents to understand science and make it fun for the children. 

Science has become a scary subject for many teachers, parents and students. The Daily Dos will help improve the wrong impression many have of the subject and make it fun and from the comfort of home. This is the best free science resource for everyone who need ideas and guidence teaching science. 

Sarah Campbell Sarah Campbell 135 Points

Hi Flavio Mendez, 

My name is Sarah Campbell and I am currently a third-year elementary education major at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. As I am enrolled in Science Methods right now, we are focusing on how to integrate more science into our curriculum and ways in which students learn best. At this time of uncertainty that we are currently in, this post could not have come at a more perfect time. Right now I have field experience and have found it be a concern for most teachers about the students who are at home, and if they are completing everything that is being asked. Sending the link to the NSTA Daily Do website to parents would be an efficient and easy way to get them on the same page and involved. When I was looking through the website, I thought it was a clever idea to have a "for families" tab. 

This website is a reference that I will keep in mind from now on because the topics of lesson plans that they have would keep the students engaged. I would make changes to the lesson plans provided based on the students, resources, and space that I have in my classroom. The lesson plans on the website also allow students to explore their learning and deepen their understand which is crucial. Overall, I think that every educator should have knowledge of this website and use it for a resource when implementing science into the classroom. 

Thank you, 

Sarah Campbell

Kaeli Myers Kaeli Myers 110 Points

As a future educator, summer nanny, and a very involved aunt, I was very excited to find this post. I am constantly looking for fun, educational activities to do with my nanny kids and my niece and nephew. These kids are very interested in the world around them, and finding activities to do like these helps me to encourage their investigations. I love the wide variety of activities that are addressed. I also like that there are different tabs from elementary, middle, high school, and family. This would allow for me to be able to always have access to activities as these kids continue to grow up and also allows for me to be able to have access to activities for my future classroom students and their families. This is a resource that I will be able to bookmark and come back to frequently for fun and engaging activities to keep my kids engaged in sciences their whole lives.  

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 45816 Points

Reflecting on Week 1' Daily Do - check out the blog authored by Korei Martin summarizing the first week of NSTA Daily Do.  

"If we want our students to do science outside of the classroom, we’ve got to give them something to figure out!"

Titles include:

  • Why do we all have to stay home?
  • What's in an egg?
  • How do we find patterns in weather?
  • Why is my shadow always changing?

Explore a Daily Do with your children/students today!

Take care.

Katherine Prammer Katherine Prammer 7790 Points

Thank you for life changing resources for students and teachers.  My Safari browser cannot find the link  "check out the blog"  Could you update this?

Josette Andrews Josette Andrews 285 Points

This is awesome, great class starters.  My classes are going to be in week 3 and I am always looking for new ways to bring science to them since I cannot be in a classroom with them.

Tyler Stark Tyler Stark 465 Points

Thank you for sharing the Daily Do's, I am going to start assigning these for my students to supplement the Amplify Science curriculum that I am currently using, which gets redundent.

Sarah Monda Sarah Monda 365 Points

I am going to start using these during our CORE/Homeroom class time. I was running out of ideas and this just gave me a ton of new concepts and ideas to work with. 



Paige Purvis Paige Purvis 325 Points

Hello, all of these ideas for remote learning are very helpful. Having a Daily Do will help teachers keep their students interest in the subject of science. This allows for students to use some extended thinking. This also ensures students are getting some of the same type of extended thinking practices at home. This makes it easier for the parents, by having the Daily Do's already created and ready to share. These could be used outside of remote learning as well! They could also be used to start the school day as morning work. Thank you for sharing these ideas!

Lily Albertson Lily Albertson 520 Points

These are great activities for students. It can also help parents get involved with their students work in a fun way.

Abby Scheel Abby Scheel 2520 Points

Wow - this is a great resource. So glad this was put together so quickly, especially in light of COVID-19. I think one of the greater things I have seen come from this pandemic is that families with young learners have come together to work on school-administered content. One of the biggest content areas I've seen featured is science! This resource is a great way to get children engaged in what NSTA called "sensemaking." I especially love the content, such as the "Why is our fruit turning brown?" Daily Do! When students see firsthand experiences of scientific principles in such a natural context, their understanding becomes that much deeper. This is a great tool that I will definitely pass on!

Allison Charnecky Allison 60 Points

Such a great resource!!  I am looking forward to utilizing it next year in my lesson planning with the PLC.  Have already shared it with the department!!

Mariam Mandel Mariam Mandel 31 Points

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Destiny Myers Destiny Myers 270 Points

I love the Daily Do's! I think they are extremely helpful to everyone, not just educators. The one that I was most impressed with was the "Why do we all have to stay home" one, simply becuase I think that this is a topic that SO many people are struggling with right now. It's hard to explain to younger children why we have to stay home, and it seems that no matter what we do or say they just may not understand, so I love that this resource is available to others for the guidance! 

Naydeline Guerra Naydeline Guerra 160 Points

I think Daily do are an awesome thing to incoporate inside a classroom or even at home. With this pandemic I think parents should consider daile do to get their kids excited about science.

If parents get an access to NSTA how can they mark their children's progress, or is there no way to do such thing?

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 330 Points

As a future educator, seeing this page was awesome! In my school years, I did not have a lot of hands on experiences with science and I do not want that for my students. I want them to fully engage and enjoy themselves while learning about science. I love all of the ideas the Daily Do page gives! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 745 Points

As a future teacher, I really enjoyed looking through this post and seeing all of the different lesson plans that this post has to offer. These are very fun and educations lesson plans and activities. I really enjoyed the wide range of lesson plans that there were to offer. This will be somethig I will be using when I am a teacher in the future, and maybe even this year as I am also participating in my feild experience! 

Madalyne Felton Madalyne Felton 745 Points

I love that the education field is so collaborative and that educators want to help other educators succeed in being effective. This post as many different plans that would be very helpful! This is an excellent resource that I am so grateful to have as a future educator. I can't wait to get inspiration from these plans and create personalized ones that would work in my classroom and my field experience!

Brittany Wolford Brittany Wolford 496 Points

I'm a mother of a four year old, and currently working with 5th graders in my field work studying for Elementary Education! I'm loving these helpful resources to use for my future students and my own children! What a great compilation!


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