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Brenda Hornaday Brenda Hornaday 770 Points

Does anyone know any cute physics songs that are not Rap? I did find one on Newton's Law of Motion to the tune of Locomotion.

Logan Danna Logan 1200 Points

I am so glad you are staying away from "educational rap songs", many students find that genre annoying beyond belief. At any rate, I did my best searching for something along your parameters however yielded nothing. But I did find this cool video about black holes that could be used as a hook for a lesson, depending on the age of student that is.

Maureen Martin Maureen Martin 1375 Points

Wow! my kids are so motivated by music, Where did you find the physics "locomotion "song. Thank you. Renie Martin

Lisa Mozer Lisa Mozer 565 Points

The Flocabulary site has a wealth of poems and music, and there is some rap music too!

Halle Moshier Halle Moshier 2835 Points

I like your idea of having songs for science! I feel like that is a great way to get students engaged and motivated. I know hearing song in school that pertained to learning helped me remember things. I can always remember the 50 states and capital song from 4th grade. Students I think would be more eager to learn the song without really realizing they are actually learning something along the way!

Imani Gilmore Imani Gilmore 5068 Points

Its a cute song and very informative that students would like to hear in their physics class about distance and displacement.

Lory Hernandez Lory Hernandez 1183 Points

Brenda, I have never thought of cute physics songs that I could incorporate in a science lesson. I think a cute physics song will engage the students to want to learn science. In addition students will be able to remember the lesson because the song is fun to listen and they can dance to it. Science should be fun not boring! A song can be incorporated in the hook or at the beginning of the lesson to get the students attention.

Sam Adams Sam Adams 2418 Points

Now this is a good post. Go on YouTube and Google, there are a few. The mysteries are out there, but the vanilla quests sadly revolve around the mainstream chanels. I like that you want to avoid the raps. I recall heavy frustration with them as a high school student. 

Priscilla Tovar Priscilla Tovar 200 Points

Wow, I had never really thought about incorporating music for a physic lesson. I think that is a great idea to get idea because it will get the studetn's attention and will et them motivated for the lesson.

Ross Winberg Ross Winberg 70 Points

They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science

Daniel Carroll Daniel Carroll 18610 Points

They Might Be Giants is a good group. Also, corny, but the old Grammar Rock series also has a Science Rock component with gravity, electricity, and other physics stuff.

Larosa Etienne larosa etienne 1220 Points

I just YouTubed it just by putting "Newton Laws Song" (my ipad isn't letting me copy and paste the links). But it's super easy! Hope this helped!

Nicole Bristol Nicole Bristol 595 Points is a great website with tons of science songs and poems to choose from. I suggest writing out the poem/song on chart paper for students to use as a reference throughout the unit. I hope this helps.

Mary Gonzalez Mary Gonzalez 555 Points

Thank you for posting this and providing the link! I will be using the songs and poems in my future classroom. :]

Kimberly McNorton Kimberly McNorton 845 Points

Thank you for this link. I am thinking of having my students add this to their science journal. My students love having references to help them remember things.

Charla Cook Charla Cook 625 Points

Thanks so much for this link. I'll use it a lot!!!

Michelle Finzen Michelle Finzen 4720 Points

I feel that when you add songs to learning that the students would understand the concept better and remember it better then without a song.

Jenna Bucklew Jenna Bucklew 655 Points This is not *technically* rap, but it is a slightly annoying pop culture song; however, that being said, kids love this song ("What does the Fox say?" --> "What's Newton's Law Say?") so it might stick! Good luck!

Luke Guist Luke Guist 220 Points

I found this to be a great song for physics. It is about our solar system.  [center][b]Oh, the sun is a star. It’s our closest star. It’s just 93 million miles away.[/b][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]It gives us heat and light. It makes the world just right. We’re getting solar energy every day.[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]Solar power heats our water and homes And it makes electricity. Solar power is a natural resource When we convert its energy.[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]Oh, the sun is a star. Its light can travel far. Hot gases burn at 10,000 degrees.[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]As it shines its light, Plants can grow just right, So the Earth is great for you and me.[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]Solar power heats our water and homes And it makes electricity. Solar power is a natural resource When we convert its energy.[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#000000][size=2][b]Oh, the sun is a star. It’s our closest star. It’s just 93 million miles away.[/b][/size][/color][/center]

Abby Neighbors Abby Neighbors 250 Points

I really like this song because it can be used in a lot of different age groups. Younger children could just read it but older ones could possibly have to remember some information and recite it back at a later time.

Abby Neighbors Abby Neighbors 250 Points

Songs are a fun and engaging way to make students interested about the topic!

Bridget Warnke Bridget Dontz 425 Points

This is a fun way to engage students in Physics.  I know of bio songs, but didn't think about Physics songs.  Thanks for all the great ideas!

Toby Orenbuch Toby Orenbuch 35 Points

Check out Mr. Edmonds on youtube. I especially like his mass vs. weight song.

David Budden David Budden 20 Points

Do you know 'The Electromagnetic Spectrum' song?

It is truly awful, but the chorus is great for remembering the order of the electromagnetic spectrum. My students still sing it to themselves years after hearing it.

Abby Lowman Abby Lowman 715 Points Here is a whole bunch of physics songs. I only looked at a few of them on this website, but I'm sure they are all catchy and fun!

Donald Boonstra Donald Boonstra 8585 Points

Look for Physics Pholk Songs by David and Ginger Hildebrand. I have the CD and they have 14 physics songs - not rap for sure. Entertaining and pretty accurate. You may be able to download and not need a CD.

Abby Neighbors Abby Neighbors 250 Points

What grade level are the songs for?

Emilly Carter Emilly Collins 970 Points

Thanks for the great ideas! I hope I can find some that work!

Donald Boonstra Donald Boonstra 8585 Points

Abby, The songs do not have grade levels. The difficulty of the topics range from fairly easy to upper high school. You would have to listen and then decide on appropriateness.

Isaacah Bell isaacah bell 1900 Points

Songs are definitely a good way for the younger students to learn. Since they love to move around and they can not sit through a full lesson, having them memorize songs and dances would enhance the lessons. Videos of what is being taught to the students would also help their comprehension. For example, showing a video on flowers growing if you are teaching them about petals, roots, and seeds.

Erika Padilla Erika Padilla 805 Points

I absolutely agree! Incorporating music (especially having students create a song) into a lesson is a great way to add fine arts into a curriculm. It also allows the students to have a diverse learning environment. It would let the students get their "wiggles" out in a fun, educational manner, and if the students are creating a song, they are also thinking creatively and critically!

Ayodele Shofoluwe Ayodele Shofoluwe 545 Points

Music is a universal medium that should be used more often in the classroom. There are several online resources such as YouTube and Flocabulary to name a few that teachers can use to engage their students with their lesson content. Educational songs can really help students make connections with the given subject matter and their learning experiences more memorable.

David Vernot David Vernot 4340 Points

Check out the song "The Sick Note". Also know as "Why Paddy's Not at Work Today." You can Google the lyrics and give them to students. I've had students illustrate the stages of the song. They can do free body diagrams for each stage.

David Vernot David Vernot 4340 Points

For poems, check out the book Science Verse, but the same folks who wrote Math Curse and The Stinky Cheese Man.

Mayra Aguilar Mayra Aguilar 580 Points

Flocabulary is a good source although sometimes their songs can be too difficult to remember or understand what they are saying. I am also a fan of Mr. Parr's science songs because they are already familiar with the song.

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

Perhaps students could create the songs--an opportunity for them to combine their knowledge of physics with their creativity!

Nayeli Salas Nayeli Salas 990 Points

Hi Brenda, What a great idea to incorporate songs when teaching physics. I had a hard time with physics when I took it in high school and in college. Learning a physics song would have been helpful especially when learning the formulas. I see a few people have mentioned Flocabulary. It is a good source and it grasps students attention. As mentioned before, asking students to create a song is a great way to differentiate instruction.

Cindy Rosser Cindy Rosser 595 Points

For younger children you should check out Peter Weatherall  A push or a pull.

Tammye Paz Tammye Paz 258 Points

I am new to teaching and science.  When I was growing up my mom used to sing an addition song to me. Using songs is a great way to learn and remember the material being taught.  

I hope I can find some songs that will work with my classes.  I teach at Apollo Middle School.  The kids are a little rough, so I need to find something that will not be too corny.  

Wyatt Anderson Wyatt Anderson 400 Points

I'm in a teacher prep program, and one of my instructors used this density song...

Charmaine Kimoto Charmaine Kimoto 465 Points

Thank you Everyone!  Such an awesome resource! =P Here's a link to a google doc with them on it.

Brian Peters Brian Peters 495 Points

Here is another non rap song about Newton's Laws of Motion!

Brittany Salinas Brittany Salinas 170 Points

I enjoy using songs during lessons to engage the students and get them excited for the lesson. Are there any tips on choosing or not choosing a song to use for lessons? Are there types of songs that teachers should refrain from using? 

Andrea Vassallo Andrea Vassallo 420 Points

Hello! Physics may be a very difficult subject for kids and usually incorporating videos and images is a great way to engage them and allow them to better comprehend. Here is a video on the concept of 'Gravity': 

Adielys Trincado Adielys Trincado 783 Points

Hello! I always found Science challenging as a child, it was my biggest weakness so now that I am going to be an educator I want to facilitate my student's learning experiences to prevent them from disliking science like I did in the past. That being said, the most memorable science moments that I have include songs about the water cycle. I think that using music in science is a very effective strategy to engage students and help them understand a concept through a different approach that is not the traditional-lecture approach. Hence, I viewed a couple of the songs that educators have posted in this forum and I truly look forward to using them as a resource in my future classroom!

Brittany Alao Brittany Alao 580 Points

These are really great! Music is a great way for the students to learn and retain information. 

Cora Gomoll cora gomoll 2210 Points

integrating music into science is a great idea to make science fun, engaging as well as help students remember things that require memorization. Some science lessons that incorporate music into an activity can also get the students moving in the middle of the day. This is especially beneficial for younger students. One way that the teacher can design an active music lesson is by listening to the water cycle song and then acting out the phases the water goes through over time. 

Micheal P Floyd Jr Micheal P Floyd Jr 75 Points

Having Music in Science is a motivational tool toward learning, especially since I have been doing it for over 27 years now. One of my songs was even featured on a made-for-children movie. Yes, I did shoot off a nice letter to the producer who didn’t respond. But what can a teacher do but realize that what happened is what we do... steal ideas to help children learn (smile). My scientific songs are memorized, and used during State Testing. As an Adjunct Professor, two nights each week, my University students have embraced the songs as their own. Like my Middle Schoolers, my University students have found that such songs answers questions found on Semester Exams. Yes, Music in the Scientific arena are a motivational tool, especially as it promotes student learning. -

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