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Mixtures and Solutions Lesson: 5th Grade

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Kaitlin Anderson Kaitlin Anderson 2300 Points

For one of our classes, we had to create a 5E lesson with a demonstration included in that lesson so I have attached that lesson on this post for anyone to use that is teaching 5th grade science! The lesson is over mixtures and solutions and includes hands on activities as well as an engaging demonstration.


Eric Roth Eric Roth 3385 Points

Thanks for the detailed lesson on mixtures and solutions. One suggestion: be sure you don't have any students with severe allergies, esp. to peanuts, or substitute the peanuts with something nom-allergenic.

Denae Boston Denae Boston 1245 Points

Thanks for sharing your lesson with us. I think it's awesome that teachers and student teachers are sharing lessons they have done. It helps a lot when looking for a topic you may not be familiar with. I love the demonstration. Thanks again!

Ashlea Creel Ashlea Creel 1215 Points

This is a great lesson! I am in an ELA/Social Studies classroom and have little opportunity to see Science in a classroom so I am always looking for thorough lesson plans to prepare myself for a self-contained classroom. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Glover Kimberly Glover 1825 Points

Just found this, thanks a lot!

Jennifer Pierre Jennifer Pierre 770 Points

It is always wonderful and useful to find great lesson plans that incorporate things students use in their daily life. These resource materials in this lesson will complement what you are already doing and offer additional ideas to inspire further exploration. The activities are designed for experiential learning for children to experience each concept, rather than simply talking about it. I am always looking for new ideas on teaching a topic. Thank you for posting.

Denise Crouch Conway Denise Crouch 1780 Points

I really love your lesson plan for this topic. It inspired me for my week long lessons for mixtures, solubility, and solutions! I added an extra station to the list of what you had. I added water with food coloring to represent the primary colors. I want them to see all sorts of changes and make cross curricular connections.

Christine Herald chris herald 1825 Points

Great idea. You can also find free lesson ideas at These activities were developed by the American Chemical Society. I've attached my 5E lesson that I've done in several 5th grade classrooms.


Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

This is a great site, Chris! The lesson are aligned to NGSS and they can be adapted for upper elementary.

Michele McNally Michele McNally 2590 Points

Thanks for sharing this! I love introducing the lesson with a book and closing it with a video. That would really help solidify the hands on learning. I did a similar lab and had my LEP students create a table where they drew a picture of their stations, told whether they were a mixture or solution, and wrote a brief explanation of how they knew.

Gretchen Hausman Gretchen Hausman 150 Points

Thank you so much for sharing!

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