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Shannon Leahy Shannon Leahy 1080 Points

I recently put together a lesson on the Ladybug life cycle for second graders. While I was going through the process of creating the lesson plan, I came across this article on the NSTA website that someone had uploaded and I found it very helpful when generating ideas. My lesson was taught virtually, therefore I needed to make a few modificaitons. I love how this article had students make predictions of what the ladbug life cycle looks like. I decided to implement this into the lesson because it fit right into the CER (claim, evidence, reasoning) framework that I wanted to follow. This allowed students to make a claim as well as give teachers an idea of what students know about the ladybug life cycle already. This article also had students observing ladybugs in a habitat. I love this idea beacuse it allows students to get a first hand experience of how ladybugs change throughout their life cycle. With my lesson being taught virtual, the best way I could give students the opporunity to observe ladybugs in a habitat was though a timelapse video. This article also provided pictures of students' work for each activity. This made it easier to follow along with the article because I was able to see exactly what students were thinking as they worked through the different activities. I would definitely suggest utilizing this article to anyone that is interested in implementing a lesson about the ladybug life cycle in the future!


Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

This is really cute! Thanks for sharing!

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