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The Standards

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Physical Science (PS)

Listed below are the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) for Physical Science and bullet points for their specific grade band progression.


PS4: Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

PS4.C: Information Technologies and Instrumentation

Primary School (K-2)

People also use a variety of devices to communicate (send and receive information) over long distances.

Elementary School (3-5)

Digitized information can be transmitted over long distances without significant degradation. High-tech devices, such as computers or cell phones, can receive and decode information—convert it from digitized form to voice—and vice versa.

Middle School (6-8)

Digitized signals (sent as wave pulses) are a more reliable way to encode and transmit information.

High School (9-12)

Multiple technologies based on the understanding of waves and their interactions with matter are part of everyday experiences in the modern world (e.g., medical imaging, communications, scanners) and in scientific research. They are essential tools for producing, transmitting, and capturing signals and for storing and interpreting the information contained in them.