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    Katherine Chambers
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I am an elementary education major student at Florida international University. I am a substitute for Miami Dade County public schools, and I am currently working at first United Methodist Church of Coral Gables- The Growing Place daycare. I love math and science, but above all I have a passion for working with children! I have a dog named Tigerlily and in my spare time I love to spend time with her and also with family and my wonderful boyfriend.

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    Plants responding to stimuli

    The purpose of this collection is to help students explore facts about plants and how they grow. Plants, like any other living organism, have needs. In order for them to grow and flourish, they must live in an environment that satisfies their needs. In addition to what they need to grow, plants also respond to certain conditions, or stimuli, to help them grow effectively. Some stimuli we will be focusing on are: light, heat, and gravity. This collection aims at providing more information that will let us know how the amount of light and heat that a plant is exposed to, effects the way it grows. We will also learn about the effect gravity has on a plant’s growth. Along the way, we may even explore more conditions that may or may not be suitable for plants. Hopefully, this collection helps future scientists and garden owners!

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    Food chain

    This collection discusses the food chain and where different animals lie in the food chain, predators, prey, how they live, and consequences when the population of one changes.

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