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Seeking to become a Certified SC Teacher in Early Childhood Education, a member of SCEA (South Carolina Education Association), a member of the NSTA (National Science Teaching Association), 1989 Graduate of Voorhees College in Business Administration, a Certified Human Resources Professional Development (HRPD), an Entrepreneur/Owner of Sacred Touch Professional Services, LLC, and an investment in the Voorhees University Master of Education online School of Graduate Studies yields and contributes to my professional and educational growth. Successfully Completed the Summer Professional Learning Intensive of 15 Contact Hours. Learning and studying in the course MEDU 602 STEAM Instructional Methods this summer term July 2022.

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    Multimodal Text Assessment

    Is multimodal assessment important to students? Supporting multimodal literacy is an important aspect of education today as it encourages students to understand the ways media shapes their world. Most texts today, can be considered “multimodal texts,” as they combine modes such as visuals, audio, and alphabetic or linguistic text. It enhances engagement and affirms students’ identities as learners who can integrate their knowledge of multiple languages to communicate and learn a new language. Students learn to think critically about the purpose and function of each language they use in a multimodal text assessment.

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    Teaching and Learning with Formative Assessment

    Formative Assessment is a method that teachers use to see how well and evaluate the student’s comprehension, and learning progress during a lesson. It is an ongoing collection of data that provide feedback on learning conception. Helps to identify what students understand, and those who have difficulty struggling to learn and provide academic support.

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