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I am currently a student at San Diego State, working towards becoming an elementary school teacher. This semester I am doing my pre-student teaching in Kindergarten and I will be full-time student teaching in 4th grade next Fall. My favorite science experiment is making Gak with kids!

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    Spring has Sprung!

    The theme of this collection is Spring Flowers. The collection is geared toward teaching elementary school aged students about plants. The resources all fit together, because they provide information and activities regarding various aspects of learning about plants (the plant cycle, school gardens, making predictions/drawing conclusions about how plants will grow and react to different environments, and so on). 1. "Assessing Students Ideas About Plants" I chose this article, because it has helpful information on teaching students basic information about plants. It will be a great introductory resource for starting a conversation about "what is a plant? and what's not a plant?" The article also includes great visuals and worksheets. 2. "Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems (Plant cycle scipack)" I chose this Scipack, because it has a section specifically dedicated to the plant cycle (from beginning to end). This will be helpful when teaching students about what factors cause plant

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