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I am in the multi-subject credential program at SDSU. This semester I was a student teacher in a third grade class at Hearst elementary school. I can't wait to teach at the elementary school level! I originally wanted to teach the younger grades but I am becoming more open to any elementary school grade. I am not the best at science but I hope to learn more about teaching it.

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    Forces and Motion

    for third grade Resource Collection: My resource collection is based on the topic for my CAT. The students in my classroom were working on physical sciences so I decided to teach them about forces and motion. At first I just tried to find any resources regarding forces and motions. I used those sources to find ideas that pertained more towards third grade. I also used forces and motion for the lesson during our class. I chose the "Energy: Thermal Energy, Heat, and Temperature" one just in case they did really good on forces and motion and could dig deeper into energy. At first I just picked the Newton's Laws because it looked interesting but then I figured it was a big part of forces and motion since many of the ideas are based off these laws. I chose the "Position and Motion" because the students seemed confused by actions happening with positions. The probe I gave them showed forces acting on both sides of a car and then people playing tug-a-war. I thought they needed more help wi

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